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  • move it to root, or leave it in the /wordpress and make some modifications to allow it to run from root


    Thanks for answering….hmmmm looks like I’m going to have to do that degree in Web design after all. This is all Greek to me! Lost from the first sentence. Thanks for your time tho…

    It’s actually simple. Let me know if you need help doing it!

    Oh 6zzle, any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m more confused than when I started…

    well, lets start from the top! Are you familiar with file management at all? Do you know how to manipulate your files?

    You can do it using either ftp, or a file manager if your host offers one.

    For instance, I host with godaddy. I can log onto their website, and then find file manager, which allows me to add/delete/move files

    Some hosts don’t offer a file manager, in which case you would need to use an ftp program. I use filezilla, it’s free. You would need to login to your server with the ftp software. Usually by going to a url something like with the ftp login and password you would have gotten from your host.

    Once you get to this point (you can figure out how to manage your files) we can move on to the next steps

    Laura email me @ [email moderated] and I will help you 🙂

    You can’t post your email? What a joke.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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