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    I have 3-column static pages with categorized, supposedly un-ordered lists that Twenty Eleven seems to order by name. I like the square bullets, but want to remove the bullet indentation so that the bullets line up directly below the Category Headers in each column.

    I still want there to be a indentation between the bullet and the text, AND I don’t want to affect the blog posts or comments……only the columns on my static pages. I’m using WP Easy Columns plugin for this.

    After surfing the web, I think my solutions are through CSS. What I don’t understand is WHERE to modify my Child theme’s style sheet. I have the following questions:

    1.) Does the current version of Twenty-Eleven use CSS 2 or CSS 3?

    2.) I’m using the Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions plugin which has a stylesheet editor, but doesn’t seem to work (maybe I don’t know how).

    3.) When I use Google Chrome’s “Inspect Element” Dev. tool to view one of my static pages, it appears that Twenty Eleven contains a CSS Reset (unless it comes from one of my plugins).

    4.) There also seem to be “global” settings AND targeted settings in Twenty Eleven for stylesheet modifications.

    5.) Search seems to indicate that Browsers influence ordered and un-ordered lists differently.

    Has anybody had this difficulty and found the best solution. Keep in mind that I’m only trying to alter the text on my Static Pages….not the Blog Posts or comments.

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  • You don’t give a link to your site so it’s hard to see exactly what you mean, but I have a couple of observations:

    • If you’re using twentyeleven, you should make any modifications in a child theme, if you are not already doing so
    • I think twentyeleven uses some css3 selectors although I may be wrong. Howeve you can use css2 if you want to, for your own styles
    • Yes, I think twentyeleven CSS does do a reset. It’s a modified version of one of the standard ones. IIRC, it says something about it in the style sheet’s comments
    • Not sure what you mean by global and targetted setting in the stylesheet. Aren’t there always?
    • The order of items in an unordered list will be the order you give them in your page if you enter the list using the visual editor. If you’re talking about a list generated by a call to a WordPress query on the database, then the order will be determined by the whatever the query returns. Browsers may style lists differently by default, depending on the content of their default style sheet; but they do not and cannot influence the order in which items are displayed




    Thank you for your quick reply. It is appreciated. Please review this link to my site: Toolbox-4-Websites/ .

    My problem is this:

    1.) I have numerous static pages in my primary navigational menu that use either 2-3 columns of outbound links (by category).

    2.) I need to fit them on Tablets, and Smart Phones.

    3.) If I get rid of the left margin for the bullets themselves, at least the 2-column pages will show up properly. I’m using this online layout tool to test my static pages: Screenfly .

    4.) Most things that I have read on Google Search and some of WordPress Codex articles seem to indicate that if I’m not careful, I will affect my website outside the area of my static pages. I’m trying to leave most of Twenty-Eleven’s blogs & comments intact.

    5.) When I read the forums on WP Easy Column (plugin), the developer continually advises CSS as the way to get what I want. But, there is no clear indication as to how to do this.

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