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  • I am working in the storefront edge theme. I apparently have no control of footer placement or content page to page. It only allows one default theme at a time under attributes, therefore not allowing me the option to use or drop the footer on specified pages.

    As I understand it, I can go into the .php and tell it to omit or include specified pages. However, I am uncertain to what command to use and where to put it. The last thing I need is to crash the site. Any help?

    thnx, in advance

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  • likely easiest would be to create your own custom page template (which you can do by copying page.php and changing the headers) – follow thus guide

    then just drop the call for the footer – it’s usually obvious – and use that template when you create a page in the dashboard sans footer

    Thanks Samuel.
    I already tried that by dropping the footer in editor, problem is, its dropping the copyright info and icons below the footer”text” as well. I suppose i should have specified footer “text” I am currently using a 3 column footer in my widgets.

    any suggestions with that?

    post the contents of the template file at

    can you be a bit more clear? you want just the copyright info gone?

    oh sorry. I will do the pastebin…this will be the 1st time using, so give a minute to sign up etc. THe problem is that all my footer content is gone when deleting the line ” <?php get_footer(); ?>”. I need the copyright info and shopping icons to remain. Just need the footer”text” (controlled as a widget) to be omitted. Josh, I hope that clear.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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