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  • Just installed blueclouds theme, I like this theme. What I don’t like with the theme is when a post is made with a url link, the link has a background highlight effect. When the post has a few links in, it looks horrible!

    How do I dissable this effect?

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  • likely in the theme’s style.css
    with a link could be more specific

    Hi samboll I did look in syles.css but could not see anything obvious! I will have another look though. I have dissabled my site at the moment as it is not ready.

    It is a nice looking theme, it is just the background highlight effect of links in the post’s, just a bit hard on the eye.

    I did make a post on the Authors theme pages, but I did not get a reply back yet.

    what is the theme – if it’s free?
    I can look at it that way.
    edit – doh!, never mind

    ok look in theme’s style.css for:

    .entry p a{
    	background-color: #0099ff;
    	color: #fff;

    change or remove the background-color
    change the color: #fff;

    the line right below this in style sheet you may want to adjust, also

    Hi Samboll, yes that did the trick. Thank you vey much for your help.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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