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  • Seconded! I need to delete a field I have added myself, and frankly, an instant one-star review will follow if I fail to locate this absolutely elementary functionality either in the UI or in the docs within next 10 minutes.

    Well I figured it out, but it’s a hack and I haven’t tested it on the front yet.

    Each field definition in the admin screen is wrapped in a single HTML <fieldset> element. Just remove that fieldset from DOM using your browser’s debugger (e.g. Firebug) and then Save Changes. Done.

    I suspend my downvote because I believe at this point that this is a simple omission bug that will be fixed soon. The developer apparently planned to include [X] buttons in the fieldsets but forgot to do it.

    Apparently not fixed – still no way to DELETE FIELDS !!!


    Hi all, when you add a new field, you will see a button next the the field on the right hand side that says Show Details. Click on that button for the new field and at the bottom you will see the Delete Field button.

    Remember this can only be done to the new fields created. The form adds a few fields when you are creating a form, those fields cannot be deleted only the added custom fields.

    I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards

    Critical point from the reply above (mbrsolution)…

    “when YOU add a NEW field”

    If you are trying to delete one of the 4 DEFAULT FIELDS, the “delete field” option does NOT exist. The only way to get (any of) the 4 default fields off a form is as follows…

    1. Select the form (top drop down)
    2. Select the “Fields” tab
    3. Find the field you want to remove, and click “Show Details”
    4. On the second line of options, tick “Disable field”
    5. Click “Save Changes”

    Technically speaking the field will still be IN the form, but it will not longer appear on the form as displayed to the user.

    From a UX / UI standpoint, it makes sense to provide a “starting place” for new forms. But makes absolutely NO sense to disallow the removal of these “starter” fields.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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