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    I am using Buddy Press and Buddy Press Private community as I need to restrict my site to participants in a research study. I want participants to complete a survey and click a link to the registration page. So, the registration page cannot be set as private. (I am changing the page name so that is not so easily found by bots). I also must set “Anyone can register.” in the setting, but I want to remove the “create an account” link on the Welcome page so someone randomly coming to the site can’t easily find the registration page.

    I am less than novice at php, but have learned a little on the forums. I can’t seem to find which file contains the code for the link “create an account” and want to remove it without removing any other essential code.
    Thanks for whatever help you can give!

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    Have you tried posting on

    No, because I think it is a WP issue. But I will post it there, too. Thanks.

    Someone on the BP forum suggested I set a password on the registration page, but that did not work. Clicking the “create an account” link still took me straight to the registration page. Had a friend try it to – had no problem getting to it without a password. : ( Any help would be appreciated. I am going live tomorrow.)

    I figured it out. It was in the sidebar.php file. I commented out (using // before the command) the offending verbiage.

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