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[Resolved] How do I refer to the /designs/ directory in a php file.

  • I’m using a plugin called bottom of every post to display some text at the bottom of my standard posts, however, the content is being inserted into my project posts as well.

    To exclude the content from the homepage, for example, the plugin author suggested to change

    if( !is_page( ) && file_exists( $fileName )){


    if( !is_page( ) && !is_home( ) && file_exists( $fileName )){

    so I’m trying to duplicate that with all posts that are made within the /designs/ directory.

    Any ideas on how I can do that?


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  • Plugin Author slickremix


    Think you may be better off using this

    and the post_type is design-approval-system

    I tried you’re suggestion of adding is_post_type_archive() code to the plugin but for some reason the content still shows up on the bottom of my DAS pages.

    I have it entered as:
    if( !is_page( ) && !is_post_type_archive(“design-approval-system”) && file_exists( $fileName )) {

    Do I have it correct? Am I missing anything else?

    Plugin Author slickremix


    This is Spencer, my brother Justin may know the php way. But you could also use jQuery to remove that area from the template you need too. You can refer to this. http://api.jquery.com/remove/

    I prefer the simplest way… not very familiar with jquery…

    Plugin Author slickremix


    Did you manage to work this out? I did not see any extra post text at the bottom of the example you emailed us.

    No I didn’t… It’s still there.. http://sickwebmedia.com/designs/dezire-photography-logo

    Plugin Author slickremix


    Ah yes I see it now. We could go in and take a look for you and fix it possibly, but you have to purchase at least one month of support so we can take a look and customize that plugin to jive with ours.

    Another option you have that I would suggest is to simply remove the wp_head from our template. That will remove all other plugin crap that is being fed into our templates on your page. You can locate it in the the design-approval-system/framework/das-header on line 32.

    Plugin Author slickremix


    After taking a day to think about it, we are going to add a checkbox option on the settings page that lets you remove the wp_header from the page if you want too. I have already seen a number of conflicts with peoples themes, especially with the CSS.

    I tried removing wp_head. Still no luck with my issue. I even requested help from the author of the other plugin but they haven’t responded. This kinda sucks.

    Plugin Author slickremix


    If your not using the wp_footer, just remove that too on the clean theme template. That will most definitely solve the issue.

    Plugin Author slickremix


    Retracting last statement, after a whole day of testing we need the wp_header and wp_footer in place for our template now that we are using ajax to submit certain forms.

    On another note, we are just about done making it so the clean theme will be customizable with color and certain text titles can be changed. We’ll have a theme setting page for the clean theme you can make these changes.

    Piers Ede


    My advice is to simply get rid of the wp_head from the whole template. That’s going to solve your issue without all the hassle!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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