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  • I also would like to see if there is a way to do this. I’ve been searching and searching …

    Sorry I didn’t know bumping was not allowed.

    I also would like to see if there is a way to do this. I’ve been searching and searching …

    The thing that bothers me about this board is searching for a related item is shoddy at best. I’ve searched, you’ve searched. I’m sure there is a pretty easy way to do this even for newbies like us, yet we go unanswered, yet you type in bump, and lickedy split you get someones attention. I’m sure the moderator could have helped direct us. Beginners to wordpress seem to be pretty much a bother to the more experienced users. I’ve had a few nice people help out but for the most part I’ve been left to figure out the majority of issues by myself. Whenever I do figure out an issue I try to leave clear instructions for the next newbie that answers the question.

    The only time I got answers usually was when I ‘bumped’ the posts until someone got annoyed enough to answer. So what lesson is to be gleaned from that? And many times the answer is so vague or complicated a newbie gets lost. I love when you get referred to the ‘online manual’ like you didn’t read it. That’s the first place I look, then the forum. When I don’t understand the info, I then post. So I usually spend a good amount of time BEFORE I even ask for help.

    It would be nice if they had a newbie section. This way we would not go ignored most of the time and we would not ‘bother’ the more experienced users.

    See this is exactly what I am talking about five days and no answer. I really surprised that such a popular program like wordpress has such a weak and unsupportive forum. I don’t expect instant answers but my experience with other programs and forums is the community is more helpful to beginners.

    Sorry your forum experience has frustrated you.

    Sometimes the forum search isn’t the best so might consider using a google search. So would be a good way to search for your topic.

    Regarding the original question, the thing about WordPress is that all displays are templates. Typically, the front page just calls your “Main page” or index.php template (which loads the latest blog posts) in your theme. If you are using a static page as your front page then the “Main page” template is not loaded. If you look in the Settings > Reading menu, you’ll see that if you select to show a static page as the front page, you can designate a different page to show your posts (you can just create a blank page for that purpose); in other words, when that page is loaded, the “Main page” template is loaded. Then you just redirect to that page.

    Greetings, I utilized the search here and found this post. I’m having difficulty with page redirection as well…

    I upgraded my wordpress lastnight/yesterday to the 2.7 … finally had the time! well now, I must set a static page to be used if I want to view any of my pages… the page I select is the only one viewable…

    When I open my site, the recent posts are shown, not the static page, but that static page (and ONLY that static page) is viewable upon clicking. If I change the static page, then I can see the it instead of the previous static page. If I ask to show most recent posts, neither of my pages load.

    I first noticed the problem when I edited the widget sidebar “categories” section… I deleted all old posts but 2, deleted all old pages and made 2 new ones… I removed the sidebar categories, then i can see any pages… put it back, still same result.

    I’ve reloaded each page from my theme original download in the template one by one, refresh, still same result. I think my eyeballs are going to pop from my skull… I am really not a php coder, I’m a designer, I can “read” (enough to know what code is asking) but not write php.

    anyone have any suggestions?

    I thank you for answers in advance…
    sorry for hijacking your post…
    …my site is

    thank you, Jennifer

    I just installed a redirect fix plugin, which now allows the static page to be viewed upon opening the site. All pages still wont load, posts still do load.

    I’m so baffled.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you, Jennifer

    Hello, dBlast, you should contact our support team if you are having any problems with our plugin and they will be happy to assist you wherever they can. You can contact them via or

    All the best
    wp-member customer services team

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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