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  • I’m sure there’s a simple answer (so please tell me!): how do I re-post an older post? Do I just go in and adjust the post time-stamp and date? Is it a cut-and-paste thing?

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  • Can you better define “re-post” here? And why do you need to do this?

    Changing the timestamp will reset the post date and make it look ‘new’ in the sense it ups it to the latest post listings and such, but if using date-based permalinks you’ll also risk breaking old links to the post.

    By “re-post” I do mean taking a post from, say, a year ago and posting it today so it’s on the top of the list as the most recent post.

    If changing the timestamp will mess up my permalinks, then is it possible to cut-and-paste the older post into a new writing page? Then I’ll have the original, unchanged old post in the archives AND I’ll have the old post up today with an explanatory sentence put in at the beginning explaining that it’s an older post. Does that make sense? Is that possible?

    I can always just try it, and if something explodes I’ll know it didn’t work. I was just trying to re-post in the most graceful way possible without screwing up my site at all. Let me know what you think. Thank you!

    You may want to explore the usage of a plugin called WP-Sticky.

    Does WP-sticky permanently keep the old post as the latest post? Because that’s not what I’m trying to do. I just want to know the easiest and most graceful way to put an old post up as a post today. My non-techie thoughts of attack were just cutting and pasting. But I thought that there might be a better way that everyone else just knows because it’s as obvious as breathing. It’s either stupidly easy or horrendously impossible because I have yet to find any reference to or info on the topic here or out yonder on the Internet. I see other bloggers posting old posts all the time, so clearly it’s possible. But apparently so easy no one talks about how they do it. I’ll just go with my original cut-and-paste plan. If someone thinks my blog will melt down, please warn me soon.


    I see other bloggers posting old posts all the time,

    Show me one example…
    It is either NOT reposting as you labelled it, or I don’t know what you want. No, there is no “re-post” feature that I know of.

    They must not be re-posting using a feature. I’ve seen several (I don’t have any bookmarked, sorry) bloggers say, “Here’s an old post I’m posting this week because I’m on vacation/ill/too busy to write something new OR it’s relevant to the current posting topics.

    I’m sure they must just copy and paste. Seriously, I’ve been looking for anything resembling instruction on this and the fact that I’ve found nothing (and the fact that you’re confused) leads me to believe that my asking how to re-post an old post is akin to me asking how to type on my keyboard. It’s so simple that if I don’t know how to do it I am lower techno-evolutionarily than a monkey.

    I appreciate your replies (it sucks to ask questions and have no one respond). Confusion is better than nothing.


    Well, as moshu notes above there’s no “re-post” feature in WordPress that fits your description. I can imagine several ways of doing this. One would certainly be to copy and paste an old post’s content into a new entry.

    A sticky post plugin as moshu mentioned would definitely work here. I have not used WP-Sticky, but the idea is typically to have a semi-permanent post be displayed at the top of ones listings. Normally this particular post can be changed at any time.

    Another way would be to order posts based on the modified post date. Pro for this would be you only need ‘update’ a post to have it slip to the top of the order list. Con is, changes to *any* posts would do the same.

    Finally, I don’t know of such a plugin per se, but akin to sticky posts I imagine one could have posts order based first on the value of some custom field key (say ‘repost’), then followed post date. That would certainly give a lot of control over the process. If someone knows of such a plugin…

    Anyway, this is less like asking how to type, and more like where to find the oomph character on your keyboard. Not knowing exactly what an oomph character is, it’s difficult to point it out. ;/

    I ended up just going in to “edit” the old post, copied the draft/edit version (not the preview version) and the pasted the text into a new write post page. I altered the title of the post a little so as not to confuse the archiving, and I did some editing of the old article and checking to make sure all links were still fine (one wasn’t, so I found a new one). So far nothing has exploded or melted. If my site ends up going haywire, I will have only myself to blame and will be sure to notify this forum conversation. Are you impressed with my staggering lack of technical jargon?

    Thanks again for your help! Take care,


    We prefer a lack of technical jargon, because when you’re not sure of it, it can come out so wrong it confuses us even more than terms like ‘re-post.’ :)

    And I suspect you have little to fear from copy and pasting into a new post. You even thought it through, what with giving it a modified title!

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