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  • Can someone tell me how I can reinstall the woocommerce pages?
    When I try to use woocommerce checkout, I get this error:

    WooCommerce Config Error: The checkout thanks/pay pages are missing – these pages are required for the checkout to function correctly.

    Would it be safe if i deactivate or delete woocommerce off my site, and or reactivate or reinstall the plugin? Or would that erase thousands of my products off my website?

    Or would it only erase all my checkout settings such as shipping, paypal settings, etc.

    (I also want to make sure I get woocommerce 2.0 instead of the newest 2.1 because it isnt compatible with my theme yet)

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  • this thing also happened with my you do not loose database like products, users, orders.
    But you have to set up everything again

    do i just deactivate it and reactivate it, or do i delete it and install it again?
    so i have to setup all the paypal and shipping settings over again?

    i tried to install the old 2.0 woocommerce and the entire dashboard locked up and froze on me so i duno what to do

    You can use the export tool to export a copy of your products it is found under the tools menus, just as a precaution but you probably do not need to do this step. To fix the missing pages you will need to create them from scratch. Next to the page assignment under the general tab in the woocommerce settings you can assign the pages you create. Next to each form field that you assign there is a little question mark, hover over the question mark to get the shortcode which will be placed in the page you assign. i.e. Thanks page > create a thank you page and then add the short code [woocommerce_thankyou]. If you go to the developer section of the woocommerce plugin page you will find the older version of the plugin. Download the plugin version you wish to use and use the uploader on the wordpress plugin menu and upload the file. I tried to upload through the plugin uploader and it failed, but that might just be for me. If you run into a failed upload, unzip the woocommerce plugin and copy the entire folder to your server. If you do not know how to do that, post a response here and I will check back and provide more help. Good luck 😉

    Definitely deactivate, delete and reinstall. Good luck!

    If you dashboard locked up… go to your server where wordpress is installed and find the contents file and then the plugins file… now delete the woocommerce plugin and reload your page and you should be fine to reinstall woocommerce from there.

    thanks, do you happen to know where MYSQL database would be located on my website, what folder it might be located in? I want to make sure i dont accidentally delete it or anything to happen to it in case my site crashes, especially having thousands of items added by hand.

    to create the new pages, do i need to know any fancy scripting language, or should i just create new page, and put the shortcode on it?

    The website is asking for a “thank you” page, but i looked at all the pages for woocommerce 2.0, and there is no “thank you” page, i think this is only for woocommerce 2.1……..i think the shopping cart is thinking its woocommerce 2.1 but its really 2.0?

    the developer page doesnt show 2.0 having any thank you pages atleast….maybe im wrong?

    On my site the database is actually on a different server, I am checking on that for you but if you use a plugin the whole process will be automated for you. Do you have a plugin to backup your site on WordPress? Online Backup for WordPress by Jason Woods @ Backup Technology is a good one. Backup the entire site. Also, WordPress Importer By wordpressdotorg is a good plugin to import and export files. Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags, products and more from a WordPress export file. Use this plugin which will be installed under the Tools Menu to export an xml file to your computer. Did you delete the woocommerce file from your plugins list or just install over the old files through your server? Which hosting company are you using? How do you know that the theme you are using is not compatible with the the new version? I am using some plugins that say that they have not been tested with the latest version of WordPress but they all are working perfectly fine. I am just wondering. Which theme are you using?

    I did not take the update for two of the other sites I manage yet and you are correct there is not a thank you page. The update really screwed things up didn’t it. My Database lives at PHPmyAdmin. If you just want to back up your database you should be able to do that through your hosting provider. I just backed up my database through my control panel on GoDaddy, the process was pretty straight forward.

    I am using “maya” theme. all i did was install 2.0 woocommerce over top of the 2.1 version, and thats when it crashed and dash board went white and i couldnt do anything til i contacted my hosting godaddy to undo all the plugins and get back in.
    the theme told me they are having issues with the 2.1 version and still working on it. so should i risk and deactivate and reactivate, would i still be able to keep the same version or will it auto upgrate it when i reactivate the 2.0?
    since all the files are messed up with some 2.0 versions and some 2.1 versions, im not sure if i should even back up? or maybe just backup the mysql only? check out the errors when checking out here:

    Don’t worry about everything being messed up it really isn’t, its just the plugin misbehaving. You can delete the new plugin version and install the plugin in the plugin directory on the hosting server instead of using the upload zip file under the add plugins menu. Just unzip the WooCommerce plugin and copy the files by FTP or through the GoDaddy Control Panel to the plugin folder and that will work. Also you can backup your database on the PhPmyAdmin Server through your account control panel too. I am using the 2012 theme with my own modifications, so I can not say one way or the other conclusively but I think if you just uninstall WooCommerce and delete it and then search for the plugin through the plugin directory and reinstall the latest version all of your problems will go away. Everything is working perfect for me now. I wish I would have tried that first because it would have saved countless hours of frustration. If it doesn’t work for you, you can delete it again and then copy the earlier version through FTP or your control panel. If you are still getting mixed content from both versions, try reverting to one further back, upload it and then upload the 2.0. (perhaps tricking it?) I can see you have a lot of content on the site, so at least export the xml doc for the products and pages, etc.

    in godaddy…in file manager, i have a “history” tab that will go back to a week ago when the site was working. should i go through the entire wpcontent and wpadmin folders and click “restore” on every folder and file? or should i just go to the woocommerce folder and click restore on everything in it? im wondering what file that is, thats asking for the “thanks” page during the checkout, that i need to find and restore in my file manager

    i could always wait a few days until the “maya” theme catches up with the new woocommerce version just in case.

    someone also told me i have many css errors that need to be fixed in the theme so i duno what to do, if maybe i need to get updates for the theme also somehow

    I would just restore the woocommerce file. I tried to get into my control panel to see the history tab but the file manager will not load. I still have FTP access but I can’t visually see what you are talking about. Check your css here:

    woocommerce 2.1.1 was just release… now that we have done all this troubleshooting, laugh out loud. I’m going for it, hope it works out.

    thanks AIMDOLL….you rock. all the pages were reinstalled when i reactivated the plugin.

    i wont be upgrading back to 2.1 until my theme creator is ready to handle it. im not sure whats so great about getting the newer version anyways, so im happy with how it is now, and it works perfect the way it is.
    now i just have about 6 more months of adding new products and teams to my site until its finally finished!

    thats the easy part……the hard part is trying to get traffic to the site and sales!

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