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  • On my homepage I want a light grey background like the one on this picture.. A stripe of light grey in the middle of my homepage.

    Now it’s looking like this..

    How do I change to a background like that? and how is it with the resulotion so it looks the same on diffrent computers? Can I maybe do it with css?

    Please help me. Regards Markus

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  • Use the free Irfanview program to resize a similar picture or background to 1280px by 1124px min.
    Save As Web jpg to reduce upload size and retain a lot of quality.( An Irfanview plug-in)
    Use your Word press dashboard to uplaod the jpg to (default) http://yourblogurl/wp-content/uploads/nameof.jpg/
    To install as background go to your Stylesheet [theme editor] and look for body background Leave the color code there as white[#ffffff or equivalent] and add

    Don’t forget the ; at the end.
    Save the Styleshhet and look at a refreshed blog page.You may have to clear your browser cache and/or hit ctrl-F5
    If no change ,add quotation marks to the inserted url.
    I would have to check my css to make sure.
    Meanwhile,look at my blog to see the effect.Change the browser window sizes.It looks best at 980px wide.I tried it in several different browsers at 980px,the accepted blog width norm.

    If you need help use my blog contact page.

    I got the background right now.. But when i resize my browser window
    the background stays solid. How do i make it floating so it follow the
    other design when i resize the browser window?

    And if i make my background 1280px wide but only 5 pixels high.. How
    do I write to repeat the background down in the css?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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