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  • I am a new WP user and notice in the WP Setup that I can only put posts on one page at a time. I would like to put different posts on different pages.

    I know how to create pages and use the Setup options.

    For example, if I create a post about Gardening, I would like to put it on a Gardening page. If I then create a post about Travel, I would like it to only appear on a page I create called Travel, etc.

    Actually, I would like to go to Posts, Edit, and in the options for each post specify which page(s) the post will appear on.

    I can’t find out from the FAQs how to make this happen, or if it can happen at all. Perhaps WP isn’t set up to do this in its default configuration.

    Thanks in advance for any advice…

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  • Just create Categories for each topic

    I have categories and this does group like posts together, but it doesn’t put them on the separate pages I have created.

    For example, if I have a category called Gardening, and I have marked the gardening posts under my Gardening category and I click on the Gardening category link, all the Gardening posts come up, but they don’t appear on my Gardening page.

    If all of my posts are on my Home Page, and I have a separate Gardening Page, and I set my posts to default to my Home Page, the posts will never go to the Gardening Page.

    It seems to me that when I make a Post they are little containers for information – text, pictures, etc. They are like CSS <div> statements, that contain something. It seems that WP will only let the posts go to one page at a time. I guess this is what blogging software is all about, but I don’t seem to have control over where the posts will go other than to the default main page.

    I can set the settings so that the posts go to some other page I have created, such as a page called Posts, but, again, all new posts ONLY go to that page.

    I want to be able to specify which page the posts go to, so that each post can go to a different page, rather than to the main, default page set in Settings. Perhaps this is not possible with WP.

    Essentialy I am trying to think of and use WP more like the Web sites I have created, where I have control over what content goes on which page.

    Create a “Gardening” category and download this plug-in:

    In your header.php, set the link of your “Gardening” page to the category’s ID.

    So in the future, if you want to post something in the “Gardening” section, you’ll just have to check the “Gardening” category (of the post).



    ^ that link worked perfect I believe. I did create a group. began to post and select that group where to go into it and worked. the only thing is it also appeared on my home page. if that makes sense. when yet i only want for it to be on the new section created

    I’m new to all this, so please bare with me.
    Where is the header.php? I downloaded and activated the plugin. I’m confused how to set the link page to category ID.
    Thank you.

    Make sure to read the installation notes on the plug-in’s page:

    If your theme has a “header.php” file, you can edit this file via the menu (in the Admin. Panel, in WordPress 2.7) Appearance > Editor (select the “header.php” to the right).

    If you don’t know what the category’s ID is, Google is your friend. There are a lot of articles about this on the web, so it shouldn’t be a problem.



    Thank you so much. I hunted and hunted for the notes page. That should do it.



    Wait so the best pay to have diffent post pages is to just put them in categories and then in your header you can link all your categories?

    Im confused… will they show up only under those pages i have set for those categories?

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