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    Create or edit a public post where you would like to publish the crossword. Press the Create Crosswordsearch shortcode button. In the dialog, choose Solve crosswords, choose your crossword, decide whether you would like to display a timer and press Insert Shortcode.

    For details on what you can do with the shortcode, see this entry in the wiki. You do not need to fiddle with the attribute codes, every option described there can also be set in the dialog.

    Plugin Author ccprog


    From your profile it seems that you are looking at LMS software. If you would like to use Crosswordsearch as part of coursework, you might be interested in users sending in solutions/proving they have solved them.

    Crosswordsearch has out-of-the-box support for BadgeOS to do that. If that doesn’t fit your needs, feel free to contact me about it in a new thread. While I won’t promise anything, writing interfaces to other plugins has in other cases been not that complex.

    Hi! Thanks for replying. I did it as you said and it works great. Thanks.
    I´m still looking for an elarning LMS and I think Im gonna decide for Learndash, after that Ill look into what you just said. Rign now Im hppy with stand alone. Have you also designed a crossword that has numbers; clues; rows and columns, horizontally and vertically? Like the ones in the Times.
    Also, is it possible to translate Crosswordsearch into Spanish?

    Regarding the translation: I used Loco but the strings don+t show in the site. I went to the docs at Loco but to solve it seems to complicated for me to do. And I can´t have a Spanish language in English. Iloved it though ! thanks.

    Plugin Author ccprog


    Not really sure what you mean here:

    I can´t have a Spanish language in English.

    If you are serious to do a spanish translation, that would be great!

    The best way to do it would be to use the online tools on, where you can load your work directly into the plugin deployment chain. On the plugin page, there is a green button “Translate crosswordsearch”. Log in, follow it, and and look for the “Spanish” line. Click on the column “Development”. There you can enter your translations directly (expand “Details” on the right side of every line).

    If you have a ready translation produced with Loco, you can use that. Loco lets you download a file called crossordsearch-es_ES.po with the “PO” button at the top right of the translation table. At the bottom of the WordPress translation page there is a link “Import Translations” where you can upload it.

    But wait until you do it: For your translations to get approved, you must be registered as a Plugin Translation Editor. I have to apply for that status for you.

    Your translation will not appear imediately in the plugin itself, but I will keep an eye on the translation page, and within days of you uploading I will publish a new version of crosswordsearch, and that will contain your work.

    A great big thank you in advance!

    Plugin Author ccprog


    I just reread your posts, and there are two other things I should comment on:

    No, the search word crosswords are the only type I did a plugin for.

    If you decide to use LearnDash, I can’t help you with integrating crosswordsearch. It is a commercial product I have no access to. and to quote their website:

    Do you offer custom development services?

    Due to our current workload, we are unable to take on custom development projects. If you are interested in custom development for LearnDash, contact us and we can provide you with a list of trusted partners.

    I meant: I can´t have a Spanish language blog in English, sorry.

    I am happy with using it as a stand alone exercise. No looking to integrate it wit LD. I also use WatuPro.

    I could translate it but I´m gonna need some help in the procedure as I am not very good in codes, programming,etc. I deleted my Loco Translate plugin as I don´t have time to keep trying. It doesn´t work in my PC anyway. I also installed Polylang (for my theme) and Poedit but I can´t quiet understand it. So, as you can see, I´m hopeless with IT related issues.

    Please, let me know about the editor thing and I´ll start right away.
    My LinkedIN is Eleplus Traductor.


    Hi, I just noticed that what I translated appeared in the crossword after all! Im gonna reintstalled Loco again and carry on whilst I get approved as an editar! Im so excited as I love you game and to me is VERY usefull for vocabuary adquisition.

    Plugin Author ccprog


    The request for Editor status seems to take longer. No reaction yet.

    In the meantime, if you have already translated something and think you can handle the tech involved, you can upload (partial) translations even without this status. The main difference is that your strings will appear in the “waiting for approval” column.

    No pressure – decide for yourself if you want to engage.

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