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  • I don’t want people to view my source code, or to highlight my content, how do i do this? is there a plugin i should use?

    This will protect my graphics to be stolen on the site.

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  • So what is that special about your source code that’s so different to any other site that it’s going to make someone want to copy it? 😉

    Trying to stop people viewing/copying your source code or images is in reality a waste of time. If it’s on the intermet, it’s available and easy to get. Even with as many plugins, JavaScripts, and what ever other security measures that are put in place, someone that wants to will be able to get whatever content they want in a minute or two. The only real way to stop people from copying your stuff is to never post it in the first place.

    I’ve seen webpages, plugins, systems, etc that claim to have all content and copying blocked so that it can’t possibly be copied. So far the longest that it’s taken me to copy the images and code from sites like this has been 2 minutes. I’ve even had a webmaster threaten to sue me after I emailed them a copy of one of their images saying that their copy protection didn’t work. Of course that never went anywhere, but people do get defensive when they find out they are wrong.

    One thing to remember is that people can only see the HTML source code of your site, they cannot see the PHP code behind it.

    Trust me if someone wants it, they’ll get it. If you really care about your js or css, you can minify it, which would deter me most of the time.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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