[resolved] How do I preserve WP content formatting while integrating into my existing site? (2 posts)

  1. captcadaver
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I am integrating WordPress into my professional portfolio. So, I have created a home.php page for my blog that uses the same styling as the rest of my portfolio. I am in the process of styling, and I have created many dummy blog posts with paragraphs of lorem ipsum text. Unfortunately, I noticed that the line breaks between these paragraphs do not appear in my web page.

    My question: how do I guarantee that my posts' formatting appears on my blog as it was originally input in WordPress? (Particularly for line breaks. I will also be looking to add SlideShares in the future too.)

    Below is "The Loop" for my blog posts on my home.php page.

    // for each post,
    while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();
    	// get everything
    	$id = get_the_ID();
    	$title = get_the_title();
    	$time = get_the_time('F jS, Y');
    	$content = get_the_content();
    	// post title
    	echo '<a id="post-' . $id . '" class="postTitle" style="font-size: 300%;" href="http://blog.myportfolio.com/#post-' . $id . '">' . $title . '</a>';
    	// post subtitle
    	echo '<p class="subtitle">' . $time . " by Nathan Wireds</p>";
    	// problem: content format changes from when it's input into wordpress.
    	// for example, there are no paragraph spaces! it's just a wall of text
    	echo '<p>' . $content . '</p>';		
    	// comments pop-up. change it to be on the page? ajax? how?
    	echo '<p>';
    	echo comments_popup_link('No Comments »', '1 Comment »', '% Comments »');
    	echo '</p>';
    	echo "<hr/>";
  2. captcadaver
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Never mind. Just use HTML tags in the WordPress post editor.

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