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  • I setup multiple pages that can be viewed from the homepage, but if I write a new post, it will only goto the main page, how do it setup it up so I can choose which page to post on. The only way currently to post is from the initial create a new page.

    Any ideas?

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  • eh?


    Are you talking about making a post that goes to categories?

    u can’t post on pages , pages are different from post .

    when you need 2 edit a page go to edit and edit the page you want .

    this might help also :

    that sucks, why dont they allow it, it makes sense, that would be so usefull, all i would need to do is select which page, and post. and it becomes the new entry.




    that sucks, why dont they allow it, it makes sense, that would be so usefull, all i would need to do is select which page, and post. and it becomes the new entry.

    thats exactly how it works, except that it overwrites the last entry, and thats the EXPECTED way for things to work when youre dealing with a page.

    Its a page, intended, **typically**, for something other than blog posts.

    so then how do you create another “blog” page?

    I think teebo is looking for what I’ve been looking for. It’s a way to have a page that is the holder for specific posts. It’s the same concept of categories but categories have very limited formatting options. It’s not that easy to split up the entire list of categories into parents and children that are post/section/page specific. Pages are really easy to organize. Categories should be a further option to make archives easier to search maybe. I just don’t get categories. I really hate the way you are forced to use them but they aren’t flexible.

    @teebo What you’re talking about is exactly what Categories do. Each category automatically makes its own “webpage(s)”. So when you make a post, you checkmark which categories you want, and your post is automatically posted onto those pages. We just don’t call them Pages, because that word has a specific meaning in WordPress. In WP, a Page is actually more like a Post: it’s 1 entry in the database. You’re using the word ‘page’ to mean a webpage, which there are dozens of those in WP: the main page called your index or homepage, a page or more for each Category, a page for each Page, a page for each Post, etc.

    @diad, Categories are more flexible than you might realize. Get-to-know Category Templates. You can make a separate Cat Template for every Cat, if you want to! So any category can look any-way you want it to, if you can design it.

    All the Cats that don’t have a custom Cat Template, will automagically display with the default generic category template, which is category.php I think. Probably all of your categories look the same because they’re all using this template.

    cataegory templates do work to accomplish this
    on one of my sites i have a separate “news” page
    that only shows posts from the “news” category
    you will need to exclude them from the main loop, though
    i will come back and post the thread when i find it

    I’ve tried using different templates and had some success but I have come up with a way that I am happy with until I learn something more about categories. Basically I use Redirectify and point my page to the parent category, which shows all the posts. I only have a set number of pages, maybe 7 so I can specify where I want them to go.

    My problem is more with navigation and I really don’t want a list of categories on the side since I try to use WP more as a CMS than a blog. I had a really hard time having my navigation look simple – just show a page link rather than a sidebar with wp_list_cats – then have it link to posts or categories of posts until I used redirectify. I even tried all kinds of ways to have list_cats loop through and segregate to only show the categories in the sidebar that I wanted it to. It just got too crazy.

    I just make sure I mirror my pages and sub pages with my categories. Like Art Page links to Art Category and their subpages link to their relative sub categories. Once I get through the few subpages, like “Previous Art Shows” then I can just post and assign it the category the way it’s meant to work. I can have hundreds of posts.

    Does this make sense or make it easier for anyone having a hard time figuring out how to wrap your head around nav and categories?

    yes, it does make sense
    i was only working with a few categories
    so i can see where it could start to get messy real fast
    good luck!

    It’s true, wp-list-categories is NOT a good Navigation menu for your site. I agree with that for my site also.

    For some of my sites I wanted to make a Navigation that has some Pages, some Categories, and maybe an Offsite link, or link to a non-wordpress part of your domain.

    It is possible to make your nav links by-hand, instead of a Template Tag or “call” that lists everything — be it all your Pages, or all your Cats.

    @diad If I understand correctly, it sounds like basically you are using the Pages function to set up a nav menu with wp-list-pages, and each Page links you to a Category that you want in your nav. Is that how you’re workin’ it?

    WP is pretty flexible, there’s a lot of ways to do it, I have not tried that way.

    That’s pretty much it. I want the logic of the pages as nav but the blogness and chronology of posts separated into categories. This is working pretty well and it’s just another step if I want to customize all my categories with different templates. I can completely eliminate the call to wp_list_cats except on an archive or summary page and nobody has to know I’ve even used categories. I can treat it more as an internal organization system. For example, I can move something that’s “Event this month” to “Past Events” in categories and it lists them chronologically.

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