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  • Hey all.

    I run and I also have a Cafepress store that allows me extensive code control. What I want to do is seamlessly integrate my WordPress site with the Cafepree site.

    I was wondering if it’s possible to take the top of the site from the top of the dropdowns to right above the black flash box (no sidebars or anything) and pop it into the Cafepress site. I’m pretty sure that the Header.php file, but I’m not sure about making it work since WP used so much advanced coding.

    Is what I’m thinking possible?

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  • Probably not. CafePress might allow advanced coding, but the piece of code you need to apply to the non-WP site has two requirements: 1) the site has to be PHP, and 2) the piece of code *has* to be placed at the beginning of the file, before anything else (even the doctype).

    For example, if you had a page running on your server that was outside of WordPress, you’d need to insert <?php require('server_path_to/wp-blog-header.php'); ?> at the very top of the file – first line in the code. If anything is *before* it, it’ll result in an error and a blank white page. but once you insert the call into the top of the file, you can use anything WordPress in static site – including using <?php get_header(); ?>. But since this is a third party site, you can pretty much bet that you won’t be allowed to insert this piece of code into your files. Who knows? Maybe you can – I’m not familiar with CafePress – but my money’s on “nope.”




    Is what I’m thinking possible?

    maybe. View your source

    use that outputted HTML to make changes to the cafepress site.

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