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    How do I get my email link to read just the email address. I was able to get the link to work, but it looks like this:, instead of ??? Crossing my fingers you know the answer….. Thanks Linda

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  • you just need to do:

    <a href="">Email me</a>

    and that will convert to a link.

    Can someone kindly give me instructions on how to put an e-mail address that’s linked to a person’s name on the page, for instance. I tried doing it with LINK but it doesn’t work. I would like the page to show the person’s name and when viewers click on the name their e-mail program opens and they can send an e-mail to the person named. Hope I am asking this questions in an understandable way. I am awfully new to WP … just started learning about how it all works as I try to put a website together in the last 3 days. I am not sure, alright, I don’t know how to put html links in as Mr. Dingman suggested above. Thanks, in advance, for the help!!!

    same as above

    <a href="">Fred Smith</a>
    converts to
    Fred Smith

    Samuel, thanks for your quick response. Do I put Fred Smith in the URL with the link? I tried inserted this (plugging in my info) into the html format and couldn’t get it to work. Thanks for your patience with me! This musts be trivial and obvious … I am just not clicking!

    ha ha – you did a correct link above

    when making a link you can put anything where I put “Fred Smith”

    if you click your link it will open your email client

    Thank you, Mr. B!! I really appreciate your help!!!! Now onto how to put links in the side bar in the Twenty Eleven theme … I have chosen a text or html because most of what I want there is just text.

    use the text widget in the sidebar for text and html stuff
    dashboard – appearance – widgets

    Is there a way to put a web link within a text widget. I am using a text widget to do text in the side bar and it’s working very nicely. I thought about putting in another widget that would allow me to put a link but not sure which one to use. Thanks so much for all the help!!! I am embarrassingly ignorant about this … and knew nothing about building websites a week ago! WP is amazing and having people like you around makes it awesomely amazing! Thanks!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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