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    Yes I have seen several of them. I do not want a wrap around. I want a formatted text window beside each image that will remain the same each time I post a new one. The text should even be link-able if possible.
    Follow this link to a sample

    thanks again



    If you will align your image to left or right by default your theme should have feature of wrapping text. But in most themes by default there is no text wrap when you are aligning image in centre.

    You can edit such features in your theme’s style.css.

    image you provided is also doing same. Its just that it have less text, bigger image, slimmer image, WIDE theme…….etc.

    If you want to have exactly same or similar look than here are some tips:

    remove margin/padding in you theme between (1)content and container, (2)posts. Change placement of post title and image (usually there is a dedicated coding in css if you have just one image in your post which will make it happen).

    If still having issues than reply (it would be better if you provide link to your website but may be you don’t want to do that, which is fine or you can provide link to website whose image you snapped to know what exactly it did)

    I am new to this whole industry so your ideas will take me a while to attempt. Thanks for now and I will let you know how it worked out.

    I did not link to the actual site as it is not mine and I questioned the honesty of using their code. I just want a similar look and we will never compete as we are photographers 800 miles apart.

    here is the link if you want a look at beautiful site.

    I am not even sure they used Word Press



    As I mentioned above (similar to that) the website is using featured image.


    Some themes support it and some don’t. Even which support, display it in different styles.

    Currently I’m busy with my works but tomorrow or day after I will definitely try finding and tweaking a theme which is similar to your concept. I am also not a professional and have just a couple of month experience of playing with css. Whether I succeed or fail I will inform you.

    You can use coding and ideas from other’s website. There is nothing wrong in that. You are not stealing and pirating there theme. WordPress and most of other popular CMS are open source. You can use and make changes in everything provided eg:- themes, plugins etc. [you cannot use other’s premium theme which is not in wordpress directory and whose owner don’t allow it by acquiring it from illegal source like piracy but can see and make exact looking copy(even by digging in there coding)]

    They must be using WordPress as WordPress fits perfectly for there purpose.

    It is good for you also to use wordpress as it is easy to use and you can do everything which is required for your purpose (making a guess).
    Other CMS’s are for heavy database purpose websites and are complex to use (telling by my own experience).

    I will give a link to download and use theme if I succeed or else I will inform you (on this post) if I failed.

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    Just to clarify, how much experience do you have with HTML and CSS?
    Can you link the webpage so we can see what you have so far?

    I guess you like the layout too. They have done a great job with colours and layout throughout and it is clean and simple.

    I have almost nothing done in word press, as I did not even know of it two weeks ago. Here is a link to my current site. It is rich and beautiful as is. I only wish to change so that the weekly wedding uploads become easier and faster. Also my code might be getting a bit buggy and slowing viewing as I have been adding to it for 8 years. I do rank really well in goggle and always considered that a top priority.
    Have a look and maybe even enjoy some of the photography.
    Thanks for your concern. I look forward to your input.

    the full site
    the blog area
    Note I have not committed to any theme and have not added any content except tests.I am presently looking at Picture Perfect, Suffusion and AutoFocus . Thanks again.

    Hi again

    I hope the work you were doing for yourself went well today. I have not really gotten any closer to my answer but I did see some reference to it in this video, yet still could not make it work.

    I thought I had the answer but was disappointed to find it did not work.

    In the meantime I did download the source code from the site I love and I kind of got it working but not with text beside photo. It must be an easy thing to do but I am stuck.

    Looking forward to working with you.



    Where are you facing difficulties? I mean video is straight forward and easy to understand. You need to first install the plugin specified in video and than follow the steps. If you have installed plugin than tell at what step you are facing difficulties? However I found this plugin too complex.

    I tried finding a theme which have featured image beside text but did not found it. It will take a lot of time for me to find such theme. If anyone known than please give a link.

    However considering that you need a theme for high quality photography, I tried tweaking one for you. Here is the link to check it out:
    Only the basic structure have been set for now and there need to do a lot of changes and additions. It can be best viewed for now in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and some other browser like Internet Explorer may not display it correctly.
    If you like it than please inform, I will continue working on it. You are absolutely free to use it or not to use it (no forcefully throwing it on you).

    Looking forward for your response.

    Thanks for looking into it all. I am surprised how hard it seems to be to put text beside a photo. I did everything he suggested in the video and it did not come up correctly.

    I guess I will go with a purchased template I found. Have a look.

    For $45.00 they seem to have it all.

    I hope after purchasing it, I can make it all work.
    I will want to change the colors but that should be easy, I hope.



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    Make sure they provide the support you need as commercial themes aren’t supported on these forums.

    Generally, what you want to do IS fairly simple – but it does require some knowledge of HTML/CSS.



    Actually its super easy to put text beside a photo. Its just that I don’t known coding for it.

    Theme you picked looks great to me. Its beautiful and responsive (cross platform).

    However you may want to check out wordpress’s theme directory first.
    Checkout: and select ‘photoblogging’ under ‘subject’.
    and after it (if not found anything good) select ‘fetured image’ under ‘fetures’.

    Here are some of themes from themes directory which I think suits your purpose:

    1. – It have image beside text.
    2. – it also have image beside text.

    Remember that forum would be able to help you with most of your issues.

    Good luck with your work.



    Hey, if this is not to late than I have figured out a way of posting images beside text. Its little tricky depending on theme. If you want to known than notify here (with theme you are using else I recommend to use twenty twelve theme. You can easily and with endless possibilities customize it), I will write it down. Its a short procedure but have to write very long to explain it.



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    All of the current themes in support the option to allow you to align images to the left or right of text. See Inserting_Images_into_Posts_and_Pages.



    He is not asking for it I guess as I have told him this before. He is asking for making ‘featured-image’ display on left or right.

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