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  • hello, I appreciate this your wonderful plugin, but am a bit confused on how I can point my second domain to my web host, to be able to use it with this plugin ( i hosted on Bluehost and got a second domain on GoDaddy), secondly am I required to input some value on the BASE/PATH option of the plugin? and if I eventually got everything right will the different domains have different post permalink?

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  • Plugin Author Gustavo Straube



    I’m not sure the exact process for Bluehost, but you’ll have to add a second domain to your control panel. And then add the Bluehost’s DNS servers to your domain configuration on GoDaddy. There is a useful step-by-step here: In case you need an extra help, I’d suggest you get in touch with Bluehost support.

    On the plugin set up, you’re not required to fill in the base path option. It’s only used if you need to restrict the access from a domain to a given path. Let’s say you have a support section in your site and you want to have, in addition to, and restrict that subdomain to pages under /support. Then you’ll use the base path option. It’s for very specific cases. I myself have used it only once.

    Finally, yes, the same post or page in different domains will have different permalinks. I mean, the plugin won’t change your database in any way, but the links in your site will changed on the fly.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

    Thanks for the quick reply, I have pointed the domain but the problem now is that when I visit the new domain I get redirected to the main domain without the site URL changing to the second domain, it still retains the main domain URL, which is not what I want, I need it to change the URL and the permalinks to the second domain, any solution? thanks

    Plugin Author Gustavo Straube


    Hmmm… Maybe the redirect is happening not on the WordPress/PHP side, but on the web server or even before (DNS). You may follow the instructions in this answer from ProWebmasters to determine whether it’s a DNS redirect.

    Hi Gustavo, I have my Cname pointing to the same server, and I also get a 301 redirect to the main domain.

    I’m using WPengine and have a multi-site install.

    Plugin Author Gustavo Straube


    Hey @unodewaal,

    Have you followed the instructions on my previous answer to make sure you don’t have a DNS redirect in place? Also, don’t you have any kind of redirect on your web server (Apache, nginx, etc)? If you checked both scenarios and neither are your case, can you send me a screenshot of your current settings, please?


    I’ve done some troubleshooting – this plugin does NOT work with WP Multisite.
    I installed via multisite, then tested with the same DNS settings -> didn’t work.
    Installed on the same server, kept the DNS settings the same, Single Install – DID work.

    I also had to configure Simpleground properly as an AddOn Domain, and then set the root of that domain as the same as the Master domain.

    Hi Gustavo,
    it seems some of the hosts (like WPengine) include a 301 redirect when setting up multiple domains.
    You need a host with a Cpanel type setup to do this. I haven’t tried to get this working with Wpengine, but Siteground works.

    Hi Unodewaal.
    Are you saying that this plugin doesn’t work in WP multisite? but goes well with WP single site?
    Also, you had to configure the second domain as an Addon Domain on your cpanel before it can work on the single WP site?

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