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[Resolved] How do I point my MX records back to my original 1and1 domain host?

  • My domain name and Email is hosted by 1and1. I have recently developed a new site & blog with WP with my 1and1 domain name which compliment’s my business well – really chuffed. However my Email has stopped working with 1and1. To get my email working again 1and1 have told me to point my MX records back to 1and1.

    Have have tried this under the Domains/Custom DNS section of my dashboard by am neither sure if that is the right place, and it doesn’t understand the format I have written even if it is.

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    If you registered the domain through 1&1, you need to ask them how to do that.

    Thank you however I contacted 1and1 support and they told me to ask WP to point it back. Catch 22

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    If they said that then your domain probably wasn’t registered through them.

    Did you buy the domain from WordPress.com? If so you’re in the wrong place & need to go to http://en.support.wordpress.com

    I bought the Domain Name from 1and1 about 7 years ago.

    Although 1and1 have continued to host my email I have altered the DNS settings so that my actual domain name was attached to a site I built with another package – for example, until recently I had built a site using Wix, altered the DNS settings on my 1and1 dashboard so that they showed the Wix nameservers so that my domain name was atatched to my Wix site. This was successfull (and simple) and the email contonued at 1and1 as before.

    Now that I have altered the DNS setting again so that the domain name is attached to my WP site the email has stopped functioning.

    This is what they had to say,
    “Please contact your hosting provider on where you have created your website and let them point the MX record of your domain to 1and1.

    MX records of your domain clearviewtraining.co.uk are:

    Shall I contact them again?

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    Your site is on WordPress.com & your domain is on the WordPress.com Name Servers, so you need to ask at WordPress.com.

    Nuts. WP.org and WP.com are not the same thing. Until now I felt bright. Now I feel a little dim.. Thanks cubecolour. Will contact the other support – keep you posted.

    Sorted. I was entering the MX records incorrectly on the Custom DNS page on my dashboard. Have learned something new today already. Not bad for an old bird/ Thanks for your help! Have a good day.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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