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    Are you comfortable with editing theme files?

    Sure. I’m kind of a newbie though. What do I need to do?

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    Here are the steps.

    1. Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Responsive Column Widgets -> New/Edit.
    2. Find the Auto-Insert section and enable the Enable Auto-insert option by setting it to On.
    3. Make sure nothing is checked in the Areas ( hook ) option. Also leave the Filters option text input field empty.
    4. Type my_custom_action in the Actions option text input field. And save the changes.
    5. Find the file named footer.php in your theme folder and open it in your text code editor.
    6. Find the <footer> opening tag and the </footer> closing tag or something similar to it. Your theme may use a different tag like <div> to create the footer container.
    7. Place the following code,

      <?php do_action( 'my_custom_action' ); ?>

      between the tags mentioned in the above step, where ‘my_custom_action’ is the action name you typed in step 4.

    8. See the output in the front-end.
    9. Adjust the position of the widget box by moving the line of code introduced in step 7.

    Let me know if you get stuck.

    Perfect! That did the trick. Thanks! I just have one more quick question… when I set it to 4 columns and add 50px in the “Left Padding” que of the “Container Paddings”, instead of the widgets moving to the right, 50px of space gets added to the right side of the website and a scroll bar appears on the bottom of the web browser (since it is now wider than the web browser). Is there a way to shift the widgets to the right so they are more centered on the page without making my website wider?

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    Glad to hear you figured it!

    As for a new issue, could you create a new thread?

    Thank you.


    I tried to install responsive column widgets just above the copyright in responsive theme by cyberchimps. i am running the full width child theme and i copied over the footer.php from the parent theme and made the changes as above and placed in child theme. the responsive column widgets moved to above the copyright but it has got rid of the featured content area of the front page?

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    @ziggerd Make sure everything goes well without the modification. To see that, I would just try removing the modification code in footer.php of your child theme.


    yes i removed the modification code from the footer.php file. uploaded it to the child theme and it wiped out the featured content area of the top half of page!

    Plugin Author miunosoft


    That means that it is not the issue of the plugin.

    First, try fixing the issue with your child theme that your expecting contents do not appear.

    The bottom line is that you need to make sure your expecting contents(featured content area) appear without the plugin in your child theme.

    ok will try that
    there is no other way to move the responsive column widget above the copyright on pages?

    Plugin Author miunosoft


    It depends on the theme. Some themes do not require this modification or if the theme has a custom action hook, it may be used instead of the custom action hook introduced in the above steps.

    In your case, you need to consult your theme developer about the issue that the featured content area does not appear in your child theme.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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