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  • Hi! Im new to this so please try to keep things simple! 🙂

    Im building a recipe site (my first site) and Im doing it in Instant WordPress right now. My problem is that when I write a recipe (as a post) I dont know how to place it under the right page. Actually it doesnt seem to be placed anywhere at all right now?!

    Ill give you an example. My site looks kinda like this site:

    Say for instance that I write an egg recipe and want to place it under “How to cook” —> “Eggs”. How do I do that? I want it to look like at deliaonline.

    My pages and menues look good, I just dont know how to place the different recipes in the right places.

    Thank you!

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  • By default, WordPress places all of your posts on your main posts page (often your site’s front page) in date order – most recent first. If you have created the relevant categories (eg “Eggs”), you can also file each post under its appropriate category – in which case it will also be listed on (say) the Eggs category page.

    Hi esmi!

    So I first need to create categories that have the same name as the pages, and then assign every post preferred category. Then it will automatically list itself under the right page?

    Thank you!

    So I first need to create categories that have the same name as the pages

    First you need to understand the difference between “pages” and “Pages” in WordPress. Pages (capital ‘P’) are a very specific type of web page in WordPress and you do not need them to list all posts in a give category. WordPress & your theme can do that automatically for you.

    All you need to do is create your categories – giving each a name that you feel is appropriate for your needs – and then file some posts under them via the Add New/Edit Post pages. Then add some links to your categories to the front of your site. The Categories widget in Appearance -> Widgets is an easy way of doing this.

    Wow, Im really not getting all of this. The thing is that I want menues (Pages?!)like in the example site I posted above. Like “Shop”, “How to cook”, “Equipment” and so on. I also want the submenues like the ones under “How to cook” = “Eggs”, “Meat”, “Baking”.

    And under “Eggs” I want to put a lot of recipes (like posts I guess).

    Are you saying I dont need to create any Pages at all for the menues to appear? I just dont get it. I dont just want a Categories widget. Maybe as an extra feature to fill out some space or something. But I want those menues or Pages or what it is below the header!

    Is it this hard because of WordPress being a blog tool from the beginning?

    Damn, I dnow know how to solve this. If I put it this way: exactly how would you set up a site to look like the deliaonline site? Im lost.


    What Esmi is trying to say is that Page, with a capital P, is the one you will find in the menu on the left of the admin area. It is almost like a regular post, the difference being that it is used for more permanent information. An example would be the link “About this site” at the bottom of Delia’s website. It will probably remain in the same and in the same place if you access it now or in 3 months. Also, the link About refers to a Page with the information of your website when you first install WordPress.

    Your recipes would be Posts. Posts are used to infromation that you add regularly. When you create a Post, you can file it in different categories. You can create a parent category called “how to cook”, and a child category “eggs” (a subcategory of “how to cook”).

    With all the posts and categories created, you can go to Appearance > Widgets and put the Category Widget in one of the Widget Areas of your Theme, or create a Custom Menu, if your theme supports it. Then, you will have a menu with a link to a page (note the small p) with a listing of all the posts in said category.

    Alternatively, there are plugins and themes that are made to run a recipe blog/website. If you do a search in or in, you might find some that may help you.

    Hi frq!

    Thank you so much for the explanation! I think I understood all of it. I cant try it right now but will do that during the weekend.

    I think I kind of started out in the wrong end by making pages and menues and stuff? Ill try to write a handful of recipe posts first, create categories and then have the posts place in the right places.

    A theme made for recipes would of course be great too, Ill look for that first!

    Thanks again, Im eager to try all of this. Have a nice day!

    Hi again.

    Ive now split my menu under the header into a couple of static pages (About, FAQ, Contact) and a couple of categories like Health, Juices, Smoothies and stuff. Those are the pages that Ill update with recipes.

    They all make a nice menu. But, I cant create submenues to the categories – what am I doing wrong? I try to make new categories and drag them a little diagonally under their parent category in the Appearance –> Menues section but it just wont appear when I look at my site. Nada.

    Hi I just checked out your site,and I think you’ve done a great job.I might want to ask you for some tips on how you set some things up 🙂

    Hello, Zappy123.

    What theme are you using? Do you have a link to your site?

    The default theme uses css do display or hide the nested uls that make the submenu. The theme you are using must also have it.

    Hi, I am also trying to figure this out! Did you accomplish it? If so, would you please, please explain it to me? Thanks!

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