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  • I was able to find some answers in various places around the web that seemed to answer my question, but the answers were too technical for me. I haven’t played around with code for a very long time and wasn’t all that good at it even back then, haha.

    Right now I have “Call Us” and “Email Us” images in my header image, but would like to make those active buttons. Furthermore, I have the mailto: code but haven’t figured out how to code the phone button so that it is Skype compatible.

    Here is my url:

    Thanks to anyone who offers their help. Your answers are going to have to be step by step and pretty specific.


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  • I’m sooo with you, Graham. I’ve searched and searched for directions on putting active buttons in my header, but anything I find is so technical, it’s worthless.

    I can’t get “About” or “Contact” buttons on my header, and know that it’s a simple fix that I just don’t understand.

    Good luck.

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