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  • tootkiaz


    Hello, May I know how do I password protect my posts? The “Post Password” box is empty. Any idea how to solve it?

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  • Mark (podz)


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    I don’t use this, but have you tried putting a password into that box at all ?



    My understanding is that there is not a global password set for this. The password is set for each individual post. In this way, you don’t have to worry about everyone who has a password getting at your private posts…in other words, you can give out a password to someone for a specific post because it concerns them, but that password can be different than all the other protected posts.
    So, you have to manually enter a password for each post.

    But I dont see any box for me to type the password into. Its just an empty boxed-up section there.

    Moderator James Huff


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    Try posting one today and leave it up, so we can see what you’re talking about.

    After you get to the “Post” page, click “Advanced Editing” (by the POST button). Then , in the upper right hand corner, there should be a password box.

    Okay peeps, I am sorry. But I just found out that the field for me to key in the password is actually below the Title boxed-up area. I guess the layout’s problem now. thanks so much for everyone’s help! =)

    I am pretty sure that is doing the same as the before suggested example.

    It’s not what I am after though

    I want te whole blog page to be viewable by al public.

    however if i make a protected post, in the place where that post would normally be on the index page or archive, it will say the date and then title and then say this is a private post blah blah .. i have attached an image just to highlight what I want.

    this is a b2 powered site, it has some hacks but i don’t believe this is a hack.
    the Sat Nov. 20th is the private post the actual page is located

    image =

    I hoped I was doing a favour by using an old post rather than creating a new one .. but I haven’t had any replies ?

    someone must know how this is done.

    I’m not following. Have you tried putting a password on a post and it doesn’t work? My understanding is that it should do what you are wanting.

    No, my problem is that when ever i try to change anything (includeing my pw) it doesnt change it just basicly refreshes the page, or when i try and delete a post it just takes me to the write a post page.

    hmmmmm im just gona try and download again and reinstall and if that dont work than i give up.

    I am not talking about password protecting a post, I have no idea what Paul-ish is talking about.

    I have the User-level plug in on. What I want to do is with that plug in, if you are not logged in and there is a post protected for users of a certain level you can’t see the post as normal but you get a teaser like in which says you should log in to see this post or emai me if you don’t have a log in … canthis be done ?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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