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  • timberho25


    im using the simple sitemap plugin. i loaded it over a week ago, and it said that google was automatically notified. this is my first sitemap, and google is not acknowledging it on my google webmaster tools page. what do i have to do/where do i have to go to have google acknowledge it?

    thanks for your help….

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  • buddha trance


    From your Google Webmaster Tools page, where you see Overview, Settings, etc., you will also see Sitemaps. You submit it from there.

    Shane G



    Google may take 10-12 days to start and generate sitemaps for your blog…but please remain active with the plugins..


    Shane G.



    yes, that is what i am confused about. i see the place to enter the URL for the sitemap, but i cant find if the plugin created a URL. i assumed that there would be a link to “sitemap” somewhere but i cant find it. if it did, where can i find it?



    I am using Blogger and Google automatically detected the blog. I entered atom.xml in place of a sitemap and I am fine.

    buddha trance


    I also used a plugin to create the map (Google XML Sitemaps), and in the url, I entered sitemap.xml (the domain part is already there in bold).

    Looking at the instructions from the plugin you are using, you are supposed to create a page (called sitemap), using a template.

    Try pointing your blog to, and see if it’s there.

    I can recommend this plugin:

    The plugin author has good documentation about update notification etc.

    The plugin creates the sitemap.xml and/or sitemap.gz where google and the other search engines expect to find that file (

    Have the plugin create the file, check to see that it is there, then update your Google webmaster account settings to point to/confirm the location…



    Simple: enter wp-content/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/sitemap.php

    How do I find my sitemap address so I can submit through webmaster account? I have Karailiev’s plug in already but google is not finding


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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