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  • Hi

    Can anyone help me with this process by outlining it in idiot’s terms?

    I am creating a new WP design for this site: Essentially I’m working with a child theme and will import all the existing content and have the new site (theme with imported content) on a USB.

    How do I get this site online with minimal downtime? How do I do it without destroying the old site completely?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Okay, I think that I don’t really get it. You have one website, and you are migrating it to a new server with a different theme? Explain it to me… You should always test this on a test server, if downtime is inacceptable.


    Thanks for responding. It’s basically the same site on the same server but has a different look and the the same content (which is obviously arranged differently).

    I basically created a child theme which is very different – I have previously uploaded it via a zip file to the current site and tested it with theme test drive but it didn’t retain any of the changes that I made (for example, the new slider).

    I don’t want to mess around with the theme test drive plugin because it somehow screwed up the menus on the inactive default theme and had to reset them.

    So…I want to know how to upload the site I’ve created via Instant WP to the same server as the existing one, in order to replace it?

    Am I going about this all the wrong way?

    Thank you!

    Okay, you hve the same site but you want to change the looks while the content stays the same? If everything is set-up right, you should be able to do this by just activating your second theme, but I would strongly reccomend you to test this first.

    Yes – I want to basically post a new design for the existing site complete with the old content, but with the content organised differently (e.g. different categories, less tagging, etc). And it’s on the same server with the same URL.

    How do I test this safely? Should I just test on a local server first? How else to test it to make sure nothing breaks?

    Also, how can I guarantee that everything I’ve used for my new theme will stay in place (like the slider, the plugins etc, the menus)?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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