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  • I’ve been using Owen Winkler’s Exhibit since forever, but am afraid development have halted entirely. Thus, I’m on the hunt for a more robust, convinient, powerful and future proof solution to my picture publishing needs.

    Is there any plugin that can take over directly from an Exhibit-install without breakin all my posts from the last couple of years? Something that can read Exhibit’s tables and configure itself accordingly?

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  • I dropped by Mr. Winklers private blog at the beginning of december to ask him about the status of Exhibit, but has yet to recieve an answer.

    Perhaps a kind of re-post here could bring some helpful thought or hints from other users.

    I strive for my blog be a very long-term solution to all my diary/photoalbum needs; I want to keep it around for the rest of my life. Over the past couple of years I’ve posted some 1000> photos, all hosted and served by Exhibit (1.1b). While wordpress is steadily moving forward with new versions a couple of times a year, Exhibit is getting frightingly dated, and I dread the day I’m forced to migrate to another photo solution.

    Perhaps the integrated upload functionality of the latest WordPress versions are everything one needs for photo hosting, but I haven’t experimented. And there is (I assume) no good (read: automated) way to migrate from Exhibit to… well. anything really.

    So. What do you think I should do? What photo plugin is still actively developed and “serious”?

    There must be people out there, having similar intentions with their blogs. What do you use for photos and “extra” content?

    Les Bessant


    keeper of the Tiggers

    I used Exhibit for a while – not with as many pictures as you, but quite a lot…

    After a few experiments, I moved on to Gallery2 and WPG2, which is a solution that allows for huge numbers of pictures, and integrates nicely with WP.

    And no, I don’t know of any automated solution – I ended up editing a lot of old posts!

    I use the popupgallery plugin from – pretty easy to use….

    I’ve looked at Gallery2 before, and having it integrated with WordPress might be just the (robust) solution I’m looking for.

    I believe I compared it to Coppermine not too long ago, and my memory tells me Coppermine seemed like the better choice. A quick google told me there is indeed WP-plugin for Coppermine too, but it seems to be less convincing;

    I’ll take some time soon and look into these options. Please do post more suggestions, opinions and tips if you’ve got ’em.

    I just want to tell you that Exhibit is not compatible with WordPress 2.1 (Ella). This is the error message left by exhibit (locking you out entirely from the blog*)

    Could not find pluggable-functions.php.

    I’ll have to stay on 2.0.7 until I figure out a satisfactory solution. There’s over 1 200 photos in hundreds of posts that I’ll have to manually re-attach, so this time I’ve got to make damn sure it’s future proof.

    If a solution somehow can be found within WordPress itself, it is sure to be kept unbroken or atleast supported/upgraded as WP develops.

    I’ll keep trying things on my test install whenever I some time off for private to-do’s, and will update here whenever I decide, just in case anyone is interrested. ^^

    *you can connect with FTP and move the the exhibit-folder out of the plugin directory to fix this.


    Ive had success migrating wp 2.1 and exhibit together – although there were a few things I had to change.

    1. was to point to pluggable.php – and not pluggable-functions.php

    2. was to user $userdata->user_level instead of $userlevel in exhibit10.php

    3. was to do similar in exhibitimg>exhibit10p (i think)

    4. was the change you Emanon suggested to fix the bug in exhibitimg>exhibit10i.php (the loop).

    If oyu need more info, let me know – just at work at the mo so don’t have a great deal of time to detail it any better.

    but check out – wordpress 2.1 and exhibit.

    There is someone else out there running this plugin! It feels as if I’ve been all over the WordPress community, looking for signs of support or sympathy.

    Thanks for sharing! I’m now running WP1.2, and all of my galleries are working fine.

    The admin interface of Exhibit however, is not showing at all. I’m seriously considering hiring someone to get this plugin (properly) up to date. And then perhaps (if money allows), make it even more usefull and effective.

    Preferably I’d like to get a hold of Mr. Winkler himself – and see if money might motivate a new version. Alex King would be sweet too – he has got all that web2.0 sexy ajaxy user interface thingy going strong.

    I’m very happy that I was finally able to update without breaking my old galleries though. I put the modified Exhibit in my share, in case there’s anyone else out there suffering.

    If you want to help with paying someone for further development of Exhibit, please let me know.

    Hehee, yes there is.

    I don’t have any trouble seeing Exhibit in admin mode – have you run the wordpress update script? I don’t think that would be the issue, but it’s worth a try.

    Ive uploaded my hacked version for download :

    If others are coming into this cold – you will need to make sure you have the Exhibit table in the database – this script does not make it, nor have I tested if it will.

    Ah, silly me. I forgot to save the post first. XD

    Everything works a charm!

    Hi, indeed: changing the reference to pluggable.php – and not pluggable-functions.php will do the trick. I have been using Exhibit also since it was launched. Have reviewed zillions of other plugins but none are working as I want it.

    I would like to :
    – have the images linked to the posts (I hate the gallery2 solution of “click here” to go to the album which takes you to a different environment in the site)
    – have the possibility for pop-ups, preferable intergrated with lightbox
    – have the possibility to re-order elements, give a description etc

    The Image Manager plugin seems to do quite a bit of the above but… I have used exhibit since wordpress 1.2 so…. lots and lots of images….

    Perhaps the integrated upload functionality of the latest WordPress versions are everything one needs for photo hosting, but I haven’t experimented.

    I felt that I should probably answer this “question” I posed, for the benefit of… well. Future reference mostly.

    Since I wrote this, I have done some extensive testing of various solutions; external galleries, other plugins and indeed – the WP 2.1 built in upload.

    I found several shortcomings that makes the WP upload-thingy unfit for dealing with my photo publishing needs:

  • No support for selecting multiple files for upload (nor support for (zip) archived files).
  • No support for sub-directories (I want a structure like: uploads/photos/year/month/day/post/image.jpg)
  • No good interface to the filesystem (I need move, rename and delete)
  • No good gallery-solution.*
  • *I would’ve liked to assign a directory (containing images) to a post and having a lightbox-esque solution, that would let the user view the concent of said directory. (instead of manually attaching every single photo like we do in exhibit)

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Hi Emanon and others,

I have a WordPress website with lots and lots of pictures and using Exhibit. Since I like the plugin so much I’m still using WP 1.5.2, but not having access to Askimet (for my XDForum forum) is pushing me onto WP 2.1. So thanks for the modified Exhibit, I’ll check it out.

Exhibit seems to be the best solution for me so far, so I’m very interested in keeping development going somehow, even though my PHP coding skills are quite primitive.

I’ve tested integration with Lightbox and so far it’s been really easy. But the main feature I need is being able to have Exhibit use intermediate-size pictures. So whenever I upload files both a thumbnail and an intermediate (say, 500 pixels across) picture are generated, lightbox is used to display these after clicking on a thumbnail, and then there is a link to the full-size picture.

It’s kind of working now, but then I’d have to think of a way to get this working with the older posts as well…

Hi Mir123, could you please share how you did the Lightbox integration with Exhibit? Many thanks!! Cheers, MIchiel

Hi Michiel, sorry for taking so long to respond,

For Lightbox integration with Exhibit,

1. download Lightbox and put the folder with the javascript somewhere in your server and refer to it in your header. Just add the following lines to your header.php, before the </head> tag:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

2. Add the Lightbox CSS. I copied everything in lightbox.css and just pasted it at the end of my WordPress stylesheet. You could also add a line in the header as suggested in the Lightbox docs:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/lightbox.css” type=”text/css” media=”screen” />

3. Upload the Lightbox images folder (I put it in the root folder)

4. You should test it by manually adding a Lightbox link in a post to see what happens. Such as (from the Lightbox docs):

image #1

or better, try two or more images and putting them in a slideshow, like this:

image #1
image #2
image #3

If this works then you’re nearly there.

5. Here’s the trickier part. Edit the /wp-content/plugins/exhibitimg/exhibit10p.php file. Around line 371 there is the following:

$ret .= “caption).”‘); return false;\”>”;

Change it to:

//$ret .= “caption). “\”>”;

Then you should get all of the images in your post in a nice little series.

Now, I would really like some help in modifying Exhibit to use intermediate images, with a link to the full size ones. If anyone is interested in what I’ve done so far here, let me know.

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