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  • wow, my hosting service shut me down for using too much load on the server.

    i’m trying to figure out what to do.

    We have a well established site with thousands of posts. It’s both of a database issue and a plugin issue. The problem is

    1)database connections; my site creates multiple server connections which don’t seem to be closed.
    2)we have lots of plugins. too many, and they are not well tested.
    3)we are 2 or 3 months behind on upgrading.
    4)we tried to install wp super cache, but this caused the meltdown. (even after we deactivated it)I don’t think super cache caused the meltdown, but it was certainly the trigger.

    The hosting service has removed the website because of our mysql problems, but I can restart it gradually.

    I’ll upgrade, install wp-super cache (or alternatively wp-cache). then the theme, then one plugin at a time (all 20 of them!). but i just don’t know how to measure website/plugin performance. How do you do that? How can I tell which plugins are dragging me down?

    see also: my problem here.

    yes, i’ve seen this and

    here’s a list of most of my plugins.

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  • and finally, how do I know that my webhost is not just blaming me for their bad hardware?

    Hello IdiotProgramme, simply get the Super Cache Plugin by Donncha, it will likely solve your problems in a second by serving static html pages.

    Most simple: get_num_queries added in the footer. It’ll tell you which plugin requires high resources as db accesses are the basis of any load problem.
    Then, you can use a ping tool like this one:
    Only install a cache when your site is stabilised, otherwise, it will get you confused on where does problems come from.

    alakhnor, i don’t understand. How can get_hum_queries tell me which plugin is to blame? It only tells the number of queries used for the whole page, right?

    I would have to activate only one plugin at a time and see the number of queries to get that answer, or did i get it wrong?

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