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  • ChristiaanBoland


    Hi there,

    I’m setting up this website for my team of friends and sofar it has not been publically accessible (using)Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin. But when we’ll be public, I don’t want to fiddle around with updates of the content on that site without having tested them on a test site.
    So, after a lot of trying, googling, reading forums etc. I managed to make my clone-procedure. I repeated and refined it making a few clones.
    So, I’ve got this website: http://ourteam.xx and a clone http://test.ourteam.xx and even a clone http://test.othersite.xx.
    Now, the changes/updates take mainly place in the database, so the files wp-config.php and wp-includes/option.php have been adjusted for their new folder, and all links have been made relative ( replacing the http://ourteam.xx/ part by ../. That works excellent and I can now just download MySql from one clone and upload it to another clone…. But the link to the homepage cannot be made relative, so I have every time after updating the MySql to go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus to find ‘Home’ (Custom?) and change it from http://ourteam.xx to http://test.ourteam.xx or http://test.othersite.xx or vice versa if I go from test to normal.
    I tried to make the Dashboard > Appearance > Menus to find ‘Home’ a relative link such as /homepage, but to no avail. That does not work,
    Now how is it supposed to be made relative or is this not possible at all?

    Thanks for enlighting replies.


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  • William Price


    In Dashboard > Appearance > Menus create a home menu item with whatever title you want and put the URL as /

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