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  • Hello, I have a pretty new theme I made at, I am pleased with how it has turned out, but I am still trying to find ways to improve it!

    how do you think I could make it better?

    all suggestions are welcome.

    one of the features is that the theme combined with a plugin I wrote allows you to make any post the “featured” post just by checking a box. posts can be Featured on the front page or only on the category pages. (or both) Notice the current featured article on the front page, is older tahn the ones below it.

    again the site is:

    Thanks in advanced for all suggestions.

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  • I would be a lot better if you would remove the cartoons. Nothing gained by insulting people.


    I’m thinking there’s an unclosed tag somewhere, as when I hover over the content everything becomes linked.


    Thanks for the heads up but I can’t find the problem,

    where are you seeing it? With which browser?


    I am sorry you may be insulted, but freedom of speech is necessary for a free society. Although the images up on my site are for information purposes, publishing them to make a statement is completely acceptable in my books as well.

    On my site they are to show what all this fuss is about, and how pathetic these riots, threats, government actions, and burnings of embassies are.

    This is not the place to discuss the content though, if you would like to leave a comment on that please feel free to utilize the comments section, and or the forum, on


    Safari 2.03. It gets suppressed with other browsers.

    There’s almost certainly an unclosed div somewhere

    I am not insulted personally but do not believe “freedom of speech” should be “freedom to insult people”. That is, in my opinion, misuse of a precious good.

    tauquil, I think I found it.

    if you come back then maybe you can tell me if it is fixed 🙂

    I thought this forum was for objective comments about the design of a site, not its contents.
    Quote from Your WordPress Reviews Thread:

    “…The reviews are expected to be fair and impartial to content, focusing on the layout, design elements, problems with codes, uses of Plugins and template tags, templates, and overall usage of WordPress.”

    Yes it is, so what do you think I can do to improve the site from a

    “layout, design elements, problems with codes, uses of Plugins and template tags, templates, and overall usage of WordPress.”

    perspective 🙂

    Well, it took me a second to find the link to the index from a story page or search results page (most blogs link to the front page in the header), but I quickly found it in the categories section, which makes much more sense (I’m using both methods on my sites simply for redundancy.)

    The only trouble I ran into was a few minutes ago when I tried to access the site; it was displaying an error message. I suppose you were updating or changing plugins around. It’s working fine now, though.

    The search function works beautifully. I especially like how the articles keep their formatting from the front page. And overall I like the look of the site; it’s all very original.


    alright, thanks jonlandrum

    I will make the header a link as well! I think I meant to do that a while ago but never got around too it.

    Freedom of speech means alot of things to alot of people. Being Hispanic myself and against all hate speech and hateful attitudes I still support the rights of those groups who may say painful things about my heritage or culture.

    Censorship and denial of basic rights is a slippery slope.

    Nnyan and Mstegink, I would apprciate it if you came to my site and left your messages 🙂 that’s what it’s therefore!

    more content makes it better 🙂

    I think the design is fairly unique, it’s interesting, but not too busy.

    And keep the cartoons, freedom of expression is just that, the freedom to express your views!


    I’d like to ask everybody to keep the discussion about the design… <cough> “free” from political opinions.
    As it was said above – you can always comment and argue on the blog.

    Thanks for your understanding.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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