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  • Hi all im matt,

    I hope i am posting this in the correct forum, but please transfer it if not thanks

    Basically iv just pretty much completed designing my website and im ready to get it out to the public but I wish to make my website as secure as possible from Hackers, spammers etc.

    Iv read a few posts online but they seem to be old from 2014 etc, and i know security changes quickly, so i need to know uptodate thingsi can do to make my website secure.

    Iv read one of the 1st things i must do is to change the default URLs for the login screen etc, is this true,

    just wondered if anybody can help me or advice on how i can make my website secure before i push it out to the public. thank you

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    Unless you’re doing something wrong then your WordPress site is already reasonably secure. If your really concerned about it then give this a read.

    Hello @arnie2015,

    There are a lot of ways to secure your site, remember on thing you can reduce the security risk of the your website but can not eliminate the risk 100%.

    There are following ways you can secure your site.

    > Secure the login page URL by customizing your site URL.

    > Use 2-factor authentication.

    > Protect the WP Admin director.

    > Use SSL to encrypt the data.

    > Don’t use the common username of the admin account.

    > Backup your site regularly.

    > Make sure your wp-config.php file is secured.

    > Disallow file editing.

    > Plugin you are using in your site should be up to date.

    > Change your database table prefixes.

    > Set directory permissions carefully.

    > Also disable directory listing with .htaccess.

    > Remove your WP version number.

    > To handle the data coming to the WordPress site use data sanitization and use data validation for presenting data on the end user side.
    For refrence visit Validating Sanitizing and Escaping User Data

    > To prevent your site from malware, malicious etc use powerful security plugin that WordPress highly recommend.

    We have tried best to share information regarding your WP site security.

    Best Regards

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    thank you so much for all your advice, really appreciate it.

    I hope their is 100% no way to secure anything but least i can take the appropriate measures

    Iv read a few posts online but they seem to be old from 2014 etc

    All major browsers (like Google): offer the ability to filter search results by date.

    By using this filter, you will find relevant search results from, for example, the last year, month or even day. Perhaps you want them from 6 years ago. That can also be achieved.

    And, IMHO, one of the best ways to increase the security of any type of website, is to use a good host. Do they default to PHP 7.* – or even offer it – or are they still stuck at PHP 5.x? How is their support, by email only?

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    Hi @sawnsonphotos thank you for that i totally forgot abotu the google filtre system

    And my hosting support is amazing 24/7 live chat, email or phone

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