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  • Hi,

    I Googled how to make an image on my blog unpinnable, and it worked great.

    However, I want to make my photo in the “About Me” widget unpinnable, as well.

    I tried to figure it out on my own, but the code looks different than the code for the images in posts.

    Here’s how I got to the code on the widget image: I right-clicked on the image and clicked on “Inspect”. I found some code that looks like this: <image src=” which is followed by my site’s address, the date of upload, and the image’s file name. After the closing , there’s a space and then: draggable= “false” alt scale=0″> == $0

    The code that I used to make the image in my post unpinnable is nopin = “nopin”. This was of course inserted at the end, right before the closing characters.

    But what’s throwing me off is, (as you can see above) the code in the widget photo is a bit different. So I don’t know exactly where to place my nopin = “nopin” code.

    Or if it should even go there at all! For all I know, there may be an entirely different place I should be looking.

    Can someone please advise me?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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