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  • How do I make my local host public and look like a normal url with a

    This all happened yesterday! Help! I started with Then bought my domain and I switched to because I wanted plug-ins. Then the plug-ins weren’t showing up on my dashboard admin panel so I figured out that I needed to download WordPress. I used MAMP and now I have my website on a local host. I exported my .org to my local host name. Now here’s my question: how do I make my local host public? I just want a normal website url that I can share with the world and that seems to be the most difficult thing to search in the forums. I don’t want to share localhost89409390202E#JWR392 on my social media pages. I want my www. back but I also want plugins… thanks in advance for your help!

    My local host name is http://localhost:8888/coffeefortheteacher/

    My domain is

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  • Opening your personal system to the world would be a great way to get your computer hacked and turned into a zombie machine. Personal systems aren’t hardened against network attacks like commercial servers are.

    In order to do what you want, you must obtain (meaning, pay for) a hosting account and run WordPress from that hosting account. The moderators here will immediately lock topics when hosting recommendations are made, so instead I suggest that you find a host through an external site such as

    (Note that has an unfortunate problem with “sig spamming”, so do your best to ignore advice given by anyone who advertises hosting in their signature. Advice given by non-shills is usually very good.)

    My advice is to obtain a simple shared hosting account and see if it will work for you. If you’re loading lots of plugins and have a “heavy” theme, you might need to invest in a managed VPS. Simple shared hosting will cost about $5-$10/month, a managed VPS will cost upwards of $30/month.

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