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  • I’m new to this and hammering away to get it down. Where I’m stuck right now is with the “all in one SEO plugin”. I fill in all the windows but the title tag does not show up. I get the same title tag on every page. Can someone steer me on how to do unique title tags on each page of my site. (see link below if it will help, it’s a work in progress).

    Thanks E

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  • Michael


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    check the meta title tag <title> code in header.php of your theme.

    for use with a seo plugin, it should probably just be:

    <title><?php wp_title(); ?></title>

    I changed the php code in the header as you suggested but it did not change anything.

    There are two SEO plugins on my site.
    1. all in one SEO pack
    2. platinum SEO pack

    I have disabled “all in one SEO pack” but it still shows up on my source code.

    Both show my description and KW’s but have no effect on my title (it’s the same on every page…sheeeessss)

    I feel like I have a SEO mess on my hands. Anybody who could take a little time and give me a step by step guide as how to solve this would be a life saver.

    I’m not a techie so keep it simple please. Thanks…Eric

    OK, I figured out how to disable the all in one SEO pack so I’m good there, But for the life of me I cannot figure out how to do custom title tags for each page. Seems it should not be this hard, but maybe it’s because wordpress is to be used as a blog and not a website?

    Don’t know, maybe what I’m trying to do is impossible. If so please tell me and I’ll same some brain cells.

    Here’s the site:

    I’ve made unique title tags for other sites but never a wordpress site so maybe they just are not suppose to have them?????????



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    unique meta title tags should be no problem, particular if you use a seo plugin.

    a possible other place to check might be functions.php of your theme, to see if there is any other self-build meta title code.

    what other plugins do you have activated?

    what is if you deactivate them all, apart from the one active seo plugin?

    As I’ve mentioned I use the platinum SEO pack. But, although it has a fields for 1. title tag 2. description 3. KW’S when I update it does not change the title tag for the page. The title tag remains the same as the home page title tag.

    I’ll try deactivating all plug ins, heck can’t hurt to try. Pretty frustrated…

    I am currently working on a site for a client. A few questions came up.
    Can WordPress accept tags on pages as a standard feature? If not, why?
    From reading this thread it seems like the SEO plugin enables tagging on pages. Is this correct?

    Also. Is it always required to have categories for posts? Why not no categories on posts?
    I told her that the category feature is applicable to posts because they are tagged to the topics.

    Can someone please confirm or correct my assumptions?

    I am using one of my personal sites to replicate and test out WP features, it is I am using the WPMU template and it is WordPRess 3.5.1.

    Thanks for the input.

    @lonewolf1271 – please start your own thread per – your question is not the same.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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