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  • JesperFV


    I have made a child theme of Zalive but i’m a bit confused about where to make the changes? In the editor part of the child theme I only have Footer.php, Header.php and Style.css and that is it (not much text in them either). Do I make the changes in the original, or do I have to copy it from the original???
    Kindly, Jesper

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  • designbyjesseR


    you make the changes to child themes styles.css 🙂



    Sorry but i dint understand it. In “editor” do I then make the changes in the childtheme or in the original? If I’m supposed to make it in the childtheme, my question is: How?
    The only text in styles.css is:
    Theme Name: zAlive Child 02
    Theme URI:
    Description: Child 02 theme for the zAlive theme
    Author: zenoven
    Author URI:
    Template: zalive
    Version: 1.2.11

    /* Generated by Orbisius Child Theme Creator ( on Fri, 18 Oct 2013 13:06:32 +0000 */

    @import url(‘../zalive/style.css’);



    The files you have in the Child Theme editor are right.
    These files will overwrite the code that is written in the original files.
    Are you familiar with CSS? If not, read into it.

    These first lines on top of the CSS file are comments (recognisable by the /* */) and they should be there, so the child theme can find it’s parent.

    Below these lines you can start on your custom CSS.
    For example, start with

    body { color: red; }

    You will see it overrules the original color of the body text.

    If you know CSS, you can make up what you want to overwrite.
    Sometimes it is necessary to overwrite exactly the same CSS as how it was written in the parent theme style.css. You might need to look that up.

    If the header and footer files are just fine in your opinion, then don’t fill or alter the child theme .php files in the editor. Leave them as they are. They completely overrule the original files, so if you make any errors, this error will appear in your page as well. You need to know PHP and HTML to alter or extend these files.



    Hi Jesper,

    The child theme is supposed to have only the files that will be changed. Everything else comes from the parent theme.

    WordPress has an editor under Appearance which you can use to edit files.

    The good news is that we just pushed a new release of the Orbisius Child Theme Creator which features double theme editor (ajax) which will appear in Appearance. You can copy snippets from your parent theme to the child theme.




    Thanks alot guys. I’m still a beginner at this, but what you write makes sense to me. 🙂

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