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  • I would like a page link from my blog redirect to my static website. You know how you can create a page and the link will appear on the blog. I would like it to go directly to my static website.

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  • Thanks a ton guys. Right on point. Helped e a lot in redirecting a page to a forum in easy steps. Took less than 3 minutes for sure.

    Awesome fix.
    Three minutes? Try ONE!

    I used this with the Constructor theme, which does not include a “Home” link in the header, which only displays pages, so I had to make a PAGE so it would show up in the header as a link… but I wanted it to go to the actual home page, not a sub page. This fix did the job perfectly.


    You could also paramaterise the redirect page in a custom field. Add a new custom field called redirect_url and give it the address, then change your template to:

    $redir_url = get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘redirect_url’, true);

    This way, you don’t have to create a new template for each redirect you need to do.

    I’ve got this problem where I’ve put a whole stack of pages under a sub-page, but there are sites out there linking to my original page url. I don’t know how to fix it apart from redirecting a whole bunch of old urls to the new page address any ideas?

    The page was at

    and now sits at

    It wouldn’t worry me if the page hierarchy was left out of the URL altogether…

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    Everyone says this is so easy, and yet I’m still having trouble (embarrassed to ask, but…)

    I have a tab that I want to redirect to so it doesn’t look stupid.
    1. I created my-blog.php and put it in my theme directory with all the other phps.
    2. I edited the file to include the few lines above and saved.
    3. I added a “Page” (not a post) on my site called My-Blog and saved.

    Did I put the php file in the wrong location? Would appreciate advice.

    I don’t want to hi-jack the post but….
    I have a simillar problem it’s probably really easy to sort…but i know zilch about PHP and i’m not sure if the rename htaccess file is necessary in my situation…

    Basically i have included wordpress in an iframe on the html page
    I would like to make sure that whenever someone views my blog they see it within the mock windows shell.
    I am worried that if someone searches in google they will be able to see the site bear bones i.e.
    how can i work around this? Any ideas?

    the typical solution works (redirect.php template) EXCEPT for when you have a custom permalink structure like %postname%

    how can I fix this? what can I do?

    nevermind. I just found which is a plugin which will do it without ANY customization. So easy. I recommend this plugin to anyone.

    Thanks ClaytonJames,

    A tip of the hat to you sir.

    I have since switched to using the same solution cdchurch used for this issue. I like it much, much better.

Viewing 9 replies - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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