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  • I’m building a membership site to replace an old BBS forum membership site that is now outdated.

    I would simply like to be able to add a page and have it work exactly like you see on this WP forum page.

    For example, suppose I create a page and call it “Stock Trading”.

    The new page will only show a text editor box where a comment or question can be asked.

    When the user submits it, you see in the left side the User Details and how old the post is, maybe the user Icon/avatar.

    To the right of that (message column) you see the message itself.

    And at the very bottom of the page is the text editor to accept another message.

    Each message added appears at the very top, with older messages pushed down. Thus, newer on top.

    It would LOOK just like the format you see here in the WP forum!

    Clean and simple looking.

    And perhaps the ability to set it where once it gets a certain length (say 25 messages) it starts to archive the excess so no more than (say 25 messages) can be displayed on the page.

    I’m thinking this is a simple thing to do but I’m still pretty green in WP and just know the basics of php. I have no problem tweaking code or following instructions though.

    I don’t need all the elaborate forum type abilities to create topics and subtopics, etc. I can do a simple hierarchy by creating pages and subpages manually. Just need to be able to create pages that can do the above described.

    Please help.

    Thank you.

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  • Just an additional note.

    After I posted my original message, it displays with my username, an icon, other info on the left and my message down the middle.

    At the bottom is a text editor with the word “Reply” to the left.

    This is exactly what I’d like to mimic for pages I create manually to do this.

    Only difference is that the editor won’t be labeled “reply” but simply “Post” or similar, and when the user does so it will show up at the TOP pushing the older messages down.

    Hope this makes it clear.

    I know this is a bbPress forum setup. I’m not needing all the bells and whistles. I just want to go to PAGES, ADD PAGE, and give it this ability.


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