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    Hey, guys,

    I’m building a site using the Fundify theme. I’m trying to build a taxonomy, just like their demo.

    However — and maybe I’m worried about this too much — I noticed that the Fundify instructional video has a few things that my set-up isn’t showing (because the narrator skipped over these instructions, I don’t know how he got them on the demo site):

    Here’s the Fundify instructional video:
    See from the 9:38 mark: …

    Here are my issues:
    1) In Appearance > Menus, the taxonomies ‘Discover’ (in the menu called ‘Left Nav’) and ‘The Drop’ (in the menu called ‘The Drop’) are designated as ‘Custom’. I have no idea how to use the Nav Menu Roles plug-in to do this. Can you tell me?

    2) Also, on the right column, these drop-down menus are missing: ‘Categories’, ‘Campaign Categories’, and ‘Campaign Tags’ are missing. Why??

    It’s possible that when I fully populate these areas, those missing drop-down menus will show up. I’m just a little nervous when the video says that these things should already be there at that point in the video (which I’ve been trying to follow step-by-step). What I did instead was post the taxonomies in the Posts > Categories section, post the individual pages in Posts > Pages, and then make the taxonomy categories (‘Discover’ and ‘The Drop’) the parents, and THEN slide the sub-categories and pages under them, like a tree.

    I’m worried I’m missing something really obvious, and really want to know if what I’m doing will work the same, or if I should really solve this now (since the video says it’s one of the plug-ins I had to install).

    I’m sure there is a VERY simple answer, but for the life of me, I don’t know what it is. Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author helgatheviking


    What does this have to do with Nav Menu Roles? Unless there is some bug with NMR, I can’t help you with any custom implementation.

    Hmmm, now I’m REALLY confused! LOL

    The video shows him adding menu items, and since he made a point of saying to download the plugin, and he’s making a menu, I thought that’s what he was using, and that it somehow got implemented in Appearance > Menus.

    OK, sorry about that. Now I’ve got two questions I have to resolve, i.e. I’ve activated Nav Menu Roles plug-in; if it isn’t ‘Menus’, where is it? I don’t have any conflicting plug-ins — I guess it’s just not showing up on the Dashboard 🙁 . Thanks for the reply anyway! …

    Plugin Author helgatheviking


    Yes, Nav Menu Roles is implemented under Appearance > Menus

    See this screenshot:

    If you aren’t seeing that it is possible that your theme is conflicting. Switch to a default theme to confirm.

    Plugin Author helgatheviking


    If you are still having issues, please suggest to the theme authors to read Workaround #1 in my FAQ for a possible solution for compatibility.

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