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  • Hi, I am very new to wordpress. I have worked with html in Dreamweaver and I am used to be able to make as many spaces, sections etc. that I need to have a good overview of what I’m doing.

    BUT in wordpress it will all crumble back to one big mess after I push the update button.

    Is there any way to avoid that? Or am I not supposed to use the editor in wordpress?

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  • Have you tried clicking on the HTML tab in the editor? Otherwise the structure will be determined by your themes template files.

    I recommend adding “Comment” commands throughout your page to separate it. As the spaces collapsing is built in I believe and according to W3C it’s proper mark-up to do it that way – perhaps even helping speed, but I don’t think that speed would change significantly (if at all).

    For your PHP files and HTML files you can add comments as such…

    For CSS

    For Scripts

    Let me know if that helps.

    It doesn’t work. The <!– YOUR COMMENT HERE –> will just disappear if I go to the visual tab and back to html again. Is this something that the wordpress team is working on fixing? Because this is very frustrating when I normally like writing my own html.

    This might be Dreamweaver, but not WordPress. I edit my WordPress php files regularly – primarily just the theme files though. I comment throughout all my work too.

    I suppose a test for this would be to edit a php file in a text editor, then close it and open it back up in the same text editor. Then open the file up in Dreamweaver.

    You can download Notepad ++ to do this –

    But I am still at the starting lvl (noob lvl), so I haven’t touched the php files, I’m just working in the html tab when I’m creating new pages.

    I suppose what I was really suggesting is to make edits to any of the files you’re suggesting with a text editor. There are essentially three general ways to make your edits in this situation:
    1 – Edit it with Dreamweaver’s Design interface, which will add and remove spaces by it’s own settings.
    2 – Edit it with Dreamweaver’s Code interface, which should keep spaces and comment tags, but if not…
    3 – Edit it with another Text Editor (ie Notepad ++).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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