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  • maybe bookmark one of those.. ya know.

    my previous post was askimeted.

    just put /wp-admin after your blog url


    That has nothing to do with your theme though. The theme is what your blog looks like, WordPress is what keeps it going and it is WordPress that you log into.

    Whoo : I find “Akismet ate my comment” a better description 🙂

    funny you should say that, gangleri .. I was just chuckling over my verbatizing askimet.

    Different humour. BUT, us Dutchmen also have a habbit of making verbs of nouns, so I understand it 🙂

    juliegaffey, did this lofty conversation help you in any way?


    Thanks for answering back so fast, but remember I said I was stupid. You need to slow it down a little more for me.

    I am using I used to log in to my blog from a link that said site admin. But now I hastely uploaded a theme that doesn’t have that lonk. Now I can’t figure out how to log in. If I log into wordpress I don’t see a way to access my blog.

    Sorry for my dunceness, this is still my fist week as a blogger.

    I am using

    No, you are NOT.
    This is wordpress.ORG – the forum. Your blog is not here.
    Read the replies before posting back.

    I have been reading the posts, but some new posts pop up as I am typing. Let me remind you that I am a beginner and need patience. Some of the words are new to me…askimet? Is that a real word?

    juliegaffey, if you give a link to the blog, we’ll tell you in a second where to log in.

    Like Moshu said, now you’re logged into the forums, that has nothing to do with your blog.

    Yes askimet is a real word in WordPress land. It’s the comment spam detection system that most wordpress blogs use as wells as some forums.
    Anyway assuming that the link you put in your profile is your site the try this link.

    Sorry, I hope in a year I will be able to add advice to this forum!

    Got it!!! Thank you so much for your help and patience. I’m sure you’ll be hearing again from me soon:-)

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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