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  • A plugin is causing my site menu to not function correctly. I found out that it’s a js conflict between a plugin and the theme. I need both to work together.

    Here is the link to the site

    Here is the page where the plugin uses a shortcode

    Notice that the 2nd link doesn’t load the menu correctly or it doesn’t function correctly.

    Any help on this is very much appreciated.

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  • Hi ceekeigh,

    The menu on the 2nd link appears to be working correctly for me. Which browser are you using?

    Have you determined which plugin is causing the conflict? Including that information in the pick would help us in providing you with a better answer.


    Hi Shawn,

    The second link loads the sub-menu but you can’t click any of the sub-menu as it disappears. I tried it on both Chrome and FF.

    The plugin that causes the conflict is the for WordPress which generates the form on the 2nd link.



    Ok, here’s something for you to look at.

    The donations page (which is the only page we’ve seen with the problem) is an SSL page. There are items not loading correctly on the page because they are not being loaded with HTTPS URLs. Browsers don’t like it when you try to load a mix of secure and non-secure content.

    Go through the page and replace any references to http:// resources with https:// (or even remove the protocol from the URL like <img src=”//” />.

    Look for this in: images, stylesheet, javascript, embedded objects, etc.

    Once everything is fixed, the browser should no longer warn about the page being partially secure. I have a feeling something here might be the root of the problem you’re encountering.

    Hope I explained that well enough…. if not, let me know.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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