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    I’m a brand new user of WordPress. I have a website. And I’ve created a blog from within Yahoo to which I can post and and add comments. But I don’t know how to link to it from a page within the website so that OTHERS can add comments.

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  • Me again! I’ve spent a few hours going over the Help and the Docs, and it looks like I have to rebuild my rather extensive website ( WordPress. This just doesn’t seem right, building a blog to look like an existing website.

    My blog (what there is of it) is located at:

    When I “go there” I see the blog Welcome page that I made, but I don’t see any mechanism for somebody to add comments. Why not?

    Also, when I use my Yahoo blog tool to try to edit/delete the posts, a WordPress window pops up asking me for a userid/pw. When I enter it, it does not accept the userid/pw combination.

    I am thoroughly confused with all this and need some help to get me going.

    Comments or suggestions?

    Well, when I clicked on the test post inside WP, I was given the option of commenting, so that does work.

    As for the username/password, you should at least have the admin password. (User Admin, password is the random password or what you chose after you logged in)

    If you don’t remember the admin password, go to the main login page (v and click on the Lost Password link and it will email you the new password.

    Also, you don’t have to redo your whole site, you already have a blog link on the bottom of your menu pointing to a page, so on the About Blog page, add a link to the blog ( and it will link to the top page for the blog.

    good answers ^

    i think usernames are case-sensitive (they were in the older wordpress anyway), so the user ID might be “admin”

    and the password is the one that was randomly generated at first, until you change it in your User Profile

    Thanks for the replies. I was finally able to get the blog working after deleting it and reinstalling (Yahoo-style) it. I guess I did a no-no during the first few installs, so this time I documented every step I took in a notepad file and voila, it worked!

    Now if I can just keep my fat freckly fingers out of it, I think I will do okay. Thanks again for the help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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