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  • I’m looking for a way to link posts and their corresponding categories to a corresponding page by topic. For example, I have post tiled “Trains In Washington” nd the category is “Trains US”. I would like the post to appear on the “Trains” page of the blog.

    Is this too cosmic to do or is it possible?

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  • Not sure if I follow you –

    Are the posts on the Trains page the same as in your Trains US category? Or is it something like..

    - Trains US
    - Trains Canada
    - Trains Germany

    Either way, you should be able to accomplish this with hierarchy in categories. Simply add Trains US, Canada etc as children of the top level “Trains” category. Each category will show the posts assigned to it – ie. “Trains” will show US, Canada, Germany etc. Trains Canada will show Vancouver and Calgary – but not Washington.

    Makes sense?

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