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  • Ambyomoron


    I have installed this plugin when it was first published and have read the various articles explaining the problem and the solution. What I do not understand is whether what I see on the Google console reflects the work of this plugin or not. So I am asking here for an explanation of what I am seeing.

    First of all, I note that the site map created by Yoast SEO contains a sub-map, attachment-sitemap.xml, with all the attachments, i.e., all the images I use (220). I note, too, that on the Google Search Console, under Crawl | Sitemaps, there are 46 warnings, consisting of a series of 404 and 410 errors. I note, finally, that there is no apparent way in Yoast SEO to stop including the attachments in the site map.

    So what is happening? Is this what is supposed to be happening? Does it takes months and months (years?) to remove all those attachment links from the Google search index? And when and if they are ever removed, what purpose would attachment-sitemap.xml have? Or have I completely misunderstood the issues and what I am seeing has nothing to do with getting rid of the attachment links from Google search?

    Many thanks in advance.

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