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  • Resolved JunoMagic


    Since the update to the newest version the plugin inserts the pics with some weird [ ] square brackets and I cannot x-post the pics to LJ anymore.

    Does anyone know how I get rid of that weird code and get back a straightforward direct insert with normal html?

    I’d also love to simply insert the pic in its original size and not as a thumbnail. Anyone know how to do that?

    Or should I get another plugin for that?

    *is confused and annoyed*

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  • Plugin Author gjanes


    The change to inserting shortcode (the square brackets you’re referring to) instead of a direct HTML was made intentionally to allow for inevitable changes by Google to the way Picasaweb (which is being migrated to Google+) references photos.

    The shortcode is processed by the plugin and can, if necessary, update the HTML it generates if required by Google’s impending migration. Thus, if Google updates something that breaks the photo links, a simple update to the plugin will allow all previous posts with photo links to continue working.

    With that in mind, if there is a strong need to continue creating the HTML directly from the image selection dialog, it might be possible to add an option to toggle between those two methods. But any posts created with the static HTML would break when Google eventually completes the migration, so I tend to think adding this feature isn’t necessarily a good idea.

    I would appreciate anyone else’s thoughts on this issue as we try to decide the direction of the plugin.

    Ah, okay. That makes sense. 🙂

    Unfortunately WordPress shortcode cannot be x-posted. So as long as there’s no option for inserting images with straightforward html I can’t use this plugin anymore.

    Which older version should I install to get back the functionality I need?

    Also, is there any way to simply insert the original picture in its correct, original size? All that thumbnail business has been driving me nuts for ages. I don’t need thumbnails. I just want to insert a couple of pictures at their original size into my posts.

    Plugin Author gjanes


    1.5.4 is the last release prior to the major overhaul release that added the shortcode for images.

    That version also has a fix introduced that if you have the “limit size” unchecked, it should insert the image into your blog without any scaling (the scale parameter sent to Google should be s0).

    Are there other people who feel the need to be able to get the raw HTML from the shortcode for x-posting?

    Plugin Author Wott


    Yep, my wife 🙂

    My wife and my neighbors wife too… they have no sense for html, coding or anything else which more complicated than adding text in word-like style. They cannot handle the new style and do not like it. Please provide a way to insert the pictures!

    If there is no way to handle this I need to get a workaround or another plugin… 🙁


    Plugin Author gjanes


    I am planning to implement an option that will process the shortcode returning the HTML instead. This is a planned update in the next release which should hopefully be coming soon.

    Plugin Author gjanes


    This should be resolved in the latest version 2.0.3 which was just released. I’ll close this thread unless other problems arise.

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