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  • I’m trying to move a wp site to a new server. I own backupbuddy but it doesn’t seem to be compatible with the theme framework (Ultimatum). In the theme forum somebody mentioned the duplicator plug-in which is very good and free 🙂

    So I tried to duplicate the site on the new server and it doesn’t bring over the featured images attached to the posts. I have over 172 posts and really don’t want to have to attach the images if there’s another way.

    After that I tried to use the import and export tools since that usually works. It does not seem to include the featured images either, even if I do all content.

    I tried to look at the xml file to see if I can change the path or modify the links somehow but I dont’ know which part links the featured image.

    I look a look at the database as well to see if there are any fields in there that link the featured image but I’m not sure which elements or fields to add if there is a way.

    I’m not a programer, so my php xml knowledge is limited.
    Does anybody have an idea how to go about this?

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