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  • No, it doesn’t. There’s nothing on your Home page at the moment.

    ok, now i’m totally confused. it appears that when i look at the site in firefox, all the content appears on the homepage, including the heading i want to go away.

    but when i view the site in i.e., there’s nothing on that page.

    here’s a little background: i wanted to create a static homepage, so i build a page called “New-Homepage”. That’s what you see when you go to in firefox. Apparently the content that i enter in “New-Homepage” feeds into the “Home” page also. In order to avoid having two pages that look exactly the same, I then set “New-Homepage” to prive which removed the link in the lefthand nav bar so all a visitor sees is the link to “Home” which should theoretically bring up the same thing.

    any idea on how to solve this mess? please advise. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can anyone please help with this? thanks!

    Can I ask how you managed to accomplish it? I’m trying to do the same thing i.e. remove the H1 ‘Home’ line only on the main page, which is a static page

    i’m working on a new site now (without any privacy settings):

    any idea how i get rid of the Headings at the top of the pages? thanks!

    can anyone please help? thanks!



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    if you have, edit page.php, look for the_title() and delete the whole h2 code.

    if the theme does not have a page.php, copy index.php and save it as page.php – then step one.

    thank you!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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