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  • I want:

    – free shipping to UK
    – price £xx per item for European orders
    – price £yy per item for the rest of the world countries

    How can I do this? I’ve spent 60 min installing and configuring but such an options doesn’t seem possible

    Also… if I specify weights per item – can the postage charge for international orders be determined by the weights?

    Woocommerce seems awesome so far – if I can figure out the above I’ll be able to use



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  • anyone?
    i’ve now been through a lot of documentation and can’t see any options
    it seems as though the *only* options are UK and the rest of the world

    + there is no option whatsoever to be able to allow for weight based shipping

    this doesn’t matter so much… if you could add shipping per country or region or selected countries this would solve….
    so, for every product you could specify an extra fee for posting to specific countries or region

    this should be very hard to do surely?

    Hi OM2. When I understand you right, this was also for me a problem.
    I needed shipping fee for Netherlands, for EU and for outside EU.

    What I did is the following.
    Dashboard, WooCommerce, Settings, Shipping.
    I have changed Flat Rate method title to “Shipping to Europe” with “Specific Countries” and selected all EU countries and default cost = e.g. $25

    I have changed Flat Rate method title to “International Delivery (outside Europe)” with “Excluding selected countries” and added all EU countries and default costs = e.g. $42

    I have changed Local Delivery method title to “Shipping to the Netherlands” with “Fixed Amount” and delivery fee = e.g. $7

    Now I have one more problem, when a package is above 10Kg there is a different shipping price. I don’t know how to change this. I have seen a plugin “Table Rate Shipping v2” which solves this but it costs $99.

    For my shipping rate and weight problem I have found a free solution: the AWD Weight/Country Shipping for WooCommerce plugin, today busy with testing.

    @damnsharp thanks for both replies
    i was in the middle of writing a reply when i got ur second reply

    first reply: the solution you speak of is good – it’s a bit of a hack but can be made to work

    i don’t mind spending $99 – either i was going to code a solution or get someone to do for me

    second reply: awesome. i’m going to look into AWD as well right now. but can u also post back your results?

    what i want: be able to apply x price for postage per item – this would be the easy solution
    the better solution would be to give a weight for each item – and then have a total weight for an order – and only then have the shipping calculated – this would be different based on your location

    the circumstances u have said for what u need (Netherlands, for EU and for outside EU) are exactly what i need as well

    it just seems odd that the solution has to be hunted down!

    the woothemes plugin seems really good and just at the right level for installing and literally running a webstore a very short time afterwards

    nothing is every 5 minutes – or even 30 minutes or an hour
    you do have to invest time and effort
    but… the ecommerce solutions i’ve tested just plain suck!
    one would have to spend days learning how to bend backwards doing things in an unintuitive nature

    Sorry, didn’t notice this post or I’d have suggested this very same plugin. I’m using it and it’s very good – the only thing I’d say is that you seem to need to put a weight in ALL of your products, otherwise an error is thrown.

    weight for all products?
    i could live with that
    how hard would it be to code something that forced you to give a weight?
    i.e. like a plugin or something – external to the actual code itself – so changes wouldn’t be undone on an upgrade/update

    going to try it right now

    question: is there somewhere where there is a list of compatible plugins for the woocommerce plugin?

    guys… i tried. only tested on 2 products – so not thoroughly tested or anything
    it’s awesome
    is it just me… but i can’t think how others can have a shop without having proper weight base shipping costs

    imagine you have an item that weighs 20g and someone buys 10 of these – no problem if you are posting to usa for example, a flat postage cost will suffice

    but say the weight of an item is 900g. a buyer buys 1 and pays the one flat postage fee of £x – no problem

    but what if the buyer now buys 5 of these??
    ur now stuck. your pricing model is screwed up

    for the weight based model to work though, i have set up looooads of rules – for <100g, <200g… <500g etc
    and you have to add the different countries one at a time

    this isn’t too much of a problem – it’s only a one off. 20 – 30 min of work if u have ur pricing worked out. after that, it just fits in nicely

    the only addition i would suggest is that if postage is put as zero then it would be nice if u could have ‘Free’ written, which otherwise would show as ‘Weight Based Shipping’
    i’ll try and send a message the author to see if we can have added in future versions

    thanks for pointing this plugin out for me
    i’ve spotted a few other plugins that look interesting as well

    i can now start planning my ecommerce website!

    Great OM2 that it is working also for you like a charm!

    I have one problem with the AMD weight shipping plugin what I will explain. I have set-up 3 groups:
    1 = Netherlands (added one country)
    2 = Europe (added the most important countries to this group)
    3 = rest of the world (added a few countries)
    I don’t want to enter all the countries to group 3 manually because that’s a whole lot of work so I added the main countries for me.

    And now here’s where the problem is: when a customer lives in a country which I didn’t added to a group, shipping costs are empty!
    Does anyone know what I can do about this?

    Well yes they’re empty, but they can’t *complete* the purchase (at least, they can’t on my installation anyway). The cart allows them to proceed to Checkout, and they can fill in all the details there but when they hit Place Order an error is generated saying ‘invalid shipping method’, so its not as though your customer could complete an order for, in effect, ‘free’ shipping.

    I have pretty much the same problem, in that I’d like the order to complete at that stage (i.e. without payment for any shipping, but taking the money for the product), and then I’ll create a custom product of shipping that’s relevant to their order only, make it private, and email them the link to it, so they can pay the custom amount. Unfortunately I can’t get the Checkout screen to complete like this, and the only workaround I have is to make the ‘rest of the world’ countries Free Shipping but change its name to ‘Custom Quote For Shipping’ so that’s what they see. That way the order completes. What I’m having difficulty with is that the text field for Free Shipping or whatever that’s displayed in Checkout is too small for me to enter my custom text description, so I’m looking for a way to call a popup box that I can put that in. No luck so far 🙁

    Just out of interest, have you got post/zip codes working in Local Delivery Shipping option? Doesn’t seem to work for me 🙁

    Hi travellers, I didn’t follow through the order now I tried and I do not get a error message. At the order details I see no amount for shipping but the text “Weight Based Shipping”.
    I send an e-mail to the developer of the plug-in. When I get an answer back I will post that here also 🙂

    Thanks for the “free shipping” tip for “all the other countries”. That works indeed. But still, I hope the developer of the AMD plugin had a other option.

    The text field: maybe you can change CSS code to alter the font size or margins.

    About your last question, I tested it. When I use local delivery and e.g. enter the zip codes: 1100, 1200, 1300 and I use 1100 it uses the local delivery method. So yes, it works for me but I will not use it.

    @damnsharp, i think i have the solution you need

    i had the same problem – buyer were able to still select countries that i didn’t specify rates for

    woocommerce -> settings -> general tab
    here for ‘allowed countries’ choose ‘specific countries’

    that did the trick for me – i’ve tested only a few times but things seem to look good so far

    please do post back: and say if it worked for u

    @travellers, i didn’t follow ur problem – so not sure if i have it

    @om2, perfectemento! It’s working.

    awesome 🙂

    i think we could start up a consultancy service – setting up ecommerce websites!

    opencart: the backend made me want to vomit – i didn’t really try to use – it seemed limited for the shipping that i needed (i didn’t sepnd a long time looking and testing though)

    prestashop: this really is poor in every department – usability abysmal, backend looks like it was developed before the internet was invented

    magento: i tried a long time ago – it was damn confusing and very daunting to use

    woocommerce: seems amazing. i absolutely love 2 other things – variations (i only realised afterwards, this was a major need) and being able to have one off coupons (with other options as well)

    i don’t know how scalable woocommerce is – but for 99% of shops being setup – it’s just damn awesome

    Starting up a consultancy service: I’m in!

    Indeed OM2, it’s until now also my best option for webshop software. I’ve used also OpenCart.

    In the UK, postcodes are like this RS1 1RS, or RS12 1RS (I think they’re both not real, so happy to show those as examples). The last two digits are always letters, the digit preceeding those two is also a number, and those three together are the final location part of the code. The remainder of the code is made up of two letters, plus one or two numbers, which all together form the regional part of the location.

    So, to test the plugin for here in England, I’ve tried adding SS in the ‘local delivery’ pickup box, and then tried as a customer to purchase with an SS postcode, and the field didn’t trigger. So I tried SS1, and that didn’t trigger either. I couldn’t have to identify a finer detail of postcodes, because then there would be THOUSANDS of entries – for example ‘SS’ as above covers SS1, SS2, SS3… SS31. I haven’t tried using just numbers to make it work as per ‘damnsharp’s example, but I’ll give it a go.

    What I’m trying to achieve there is to list the ‘top north’ codes, which are a list of postcodes up in northern Scotland and out on the Hebridean Isles etc, so that if someone enters one of these codes I can add a supplementary postage cost (every UK courier charges much much more to deliver to those areas as opposed to the rest of mainland UK). I’d love any help anyone can offer here – it looks like this should work out of the box, but it just doesn’t!

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