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  • lifestylesexpress


    The fifteen theme defaults to only show 10 featured images from 10 posts on the home page and no more. All posts over 10 spill out onto a second page. How do I increase this so the home page will show more please?
    Also; the theme defaults and resizes all featured images to 250 x 250 on the home page. How do I change this so I can make them larger?

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  • Yeo-hwang Yun


    Hi there 🙂

    If your site is setted up with latest article,
    Go to the admin dash board and click,
    ‘Setting’ > ‘reading’
    Change the number of thr articles you want to show on the page.

    If you do that, you can change the limit of the articles.




    Are you sure that you are using the Twenty Fifteen theme? I am not getting a 250×250 image when I upload.

    Yeo-hwang Yun


    Hi devbynature~

    I guess he is not using a Twenty fifteen theme.

    He is using a fifteen theme i made it active on site. 🙂

    Yeo-hwang Yun, thank you for the fix to the number of posts showing on the home page! So simple if you know where to look 🙂

    And yes I am using the fifteen theme, not the twenty fifteen.

    How about a fix to the 250×250 default size? Any suggestions there?

    The website is if you need to see what I mean. I want to make a few of them 750 wide.

    Hey, I just started working with this theme. But Im not able to find how to put the images on the post frame in home page. I have checked setting and all but still i could not find.

    Can you please let me now the steps to fit images over the post in homepage.

    Once I add image in post it opens up in new page. but I want to show the same image over post in home page as the actual theme shows.

    My site:

    I am not quite sure if I understand your question correctly but if I do….
    While editing a post you will find a “select featured image” section in the bottom right of your screen. Select an image there and this should accomplish your goal?

    Hi lifestylesexpress.

    Ok. I will check it soon so plz wait a day.

    Hi there~
    Did you check the ‘Setting -> Media’ option?
    Here, you can do that what you want to do.
    Look at it and then let me know.

    Thank you for trying but no luck there either.
    There are only 3 settings available here, the “default thumbnail, medium and large” and none of these are set to the size of the featured images on the home page so none of them are the culprit.
    No matter what size the original image is that I select as the featured image for any given post it is automatically resized to 254 x 191 and I cannot seem to find where this is happening.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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